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Number 828, July 5, 2015

Most Americans just want to be left the bloody hell alone

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Operation Jade Helm 15
by L.Neil Smith

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I really don't want to write this, I'm very ill and very tired and I've been avoiding it. And why shouldn't I? I hope the predictions I'm about to make don't come true. If they do, then like so many predictions I've made, I'm a genius (once again) and that's the bad news. If they don't, I'll be the laughing-stock of journalism and the libertarian movement (not for the first time) and that's the good news.

To cut this short(er), I've been pondering this Operation Jade Helm 15 thing that's coming up. It starts July 11 (just a few days from now) when various armed and deadly personnel fan out over the Southwest, playing what are advertised as military games. These are the same thugs who've been going from village to village and house to house, looking for things their bosses don't want their Imperial subjects to have. The law that forbids that, posse comitatus, casually swept aside by one of the Busheviks, needs badly to be reactivated.

And a few of the Bush family face the gallows. More about that later.

The southern rims of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas are all affected, plus parts of Colorado. I don't know about any other states, but I'll bet my best hat that it's no coincidence that the heart of resistance to the dictates of Comrade Barry lies in those states. It comes at a time when the regime seems especially anxious to put the nation's pet rifle—the AR-15—out of the picture, by illegally forbidding its sale and transfer, or by outlawing its 5.56mm ammunition. It's a good thing Americans have obeyed their last gun law. We now live in the very times the Second Amendment was written for.

Given the crumbled state of our civilization, when I first heard of Jade Helm 15, I thought only the Idiot-In-Chief could launch such a moronic, destabilizing program. But the more I cogitated on it, the more sense it made for his handlers. If you're an enemy of America, and everything American, what better way to subdue Americans and bring them to heel than put some stupid and violent flubadub troops, drawn from the same dull population as the TSA, in front of them with heavy weapons, and wait for somebody who doesn't want his house burned down, his car stolen, or his daughter raped to be provoked into pulling the trigger.

That, of course, will provide Obama the excuse for a massive invasion, largely of foreign troops—Chinese and Russians—that we've been hearing about, stationed all over the country. Red Dawn. Instant Civil War—only this one won't be a civil war any more than the first one was. Most Americans just want to be left the bloody hell alone.

There's always a chance, of course, that Jade Helm 15 will fizzle and expire amid a cloud of excuses just like so many of Obama's grandiose undertakings. He always shoots his tiny little wad before he's ready. If it does, I'll throw a party. If not, meet me in the camp.

I've been kind of out of the loop lately, so I don't know what other people and groups are planning, but I'm certain they're not taking a nap. There are some that ought to be very busy at this history-fraught moment. At least a third of Obama's troopies will be unwilling to give him what he wants. There's an entire army's worth of cashiered officers out there who owe Obama the immolation of their careers. And the Governor of the sovereign state of Texas is activating the state guard (are they the ones who have tanks?) to breathe down Jade Helm's necks and to fend off the opportunistic Zetas.

Even if I knew what to do tactically,I probably shouldn't say so in an article like this. Politically, I know exactly what to do, and I strongly urge this course upon you: very publicly poll your state's congressional delegation, Senators and Congressmen, and find out which ones are willing to sign articles of impeachment (for high treason, among other things, and attempting to foment an insurrection) against Obama. Immediately initiate recall proceedings against those who are not.

If it can be proved that Obama won the presidency under false pretenses (which he clearly did), it cancels out every single act he ever signed. Goodbye Obamacare. Even so, it will take our country half a century to recover from his depredations. As Buffy says, "Ask me how!"

No mercy for Republicans, who are particularly responsible for the excrement we're in. Democrats are Democrats, just too damn dumb to realize their President's a Stalinist, out to destroy the greatest nation that history and humanity have ever known. What can you do about that? But as long as I've lived, 69 years so far, Republicans have pretended to care about freedom. Listen to them closely: it's nothing to them. Name names and kick asses accordingly. Even Rand Paul is a liar who would limit your freedom. He's certainly not his old man.

Not even his old man is his old man.

Look, I don't give a good hot damn who wins the nomination or the presidency, All I want is rid of this Marxist regime, forever. I was a Cub Scout, a Webelos, and a Boy Scout, I was an Explorer, and an Eagle. I was a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow, a Life member of the NRA since the 1970s. I joined the Libertarian Party the first full year it existed. I am an Honorary Life Member of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. I founded The Libertarian Enterprise which has been online 20 years. I did all that—and a lot more besides—I was all that, because I fervently believe, as someone put it, that America is the best idea anybody ever had for a country.

I'm an old guy, and in ill health. This is by no means goodbye; I'm told that proper treatment could get me 20 more years. After that, who knows? But I don't want to die and get planted in a country that lost to communism. I want my damn country back—and to destroy a stereotype, I don't mind one bit sharing it with gays, who are a lot of fun (sorry Mark Levin, you hysterical old cow), and people of various colors, all of whom need exactly the same thing that I do: freedom.

And if I don't get it, I'm going to make sure my writings cause headaches and hemorrhoids for the new management for two hundred years.

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