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Number 828, July 5, 2015

Most Americans just want to be left the bloody hell alone

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You're a libertarian? So what?
by Adam Kokesh

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Have you ever had that reaction from someone with whom you were trying to share the message of freedom? It's a great question, and one that our challengers don't ask often enough. "So what if you're right about everything? You're not much more free than I am. You still have a nine-to-five. You still pay taxes. You still complain about not being free all the time. In fact, you might be LESS free because you spend time complaining and arguing and reading the news and watching YouTube videos while I'm busy ENJOYING my not-so-free life."

One of the great contradictions of our movement is that we want government to have as small a role in our lives as possible, but some of us want to talk about it all the time! It's not been an easy transition, but I feel much better having let go of my daily news production. In hindsight, I think it was somewhat disingenuous of me to ask people to listen to three hours of podcast five days a week. In my case, I seem to have solved this problem for myself by focusing on what actually wakes people up and what creates more freedom. I don't miss spending hours every day reading the news. My life is far more fulfilling now. I have more time to spend on my health, my hobbies, and the ones I love.

Don't worry—my favorite hobbies are still blowing people's minds and winning converts to the message of freedom, and I intend to keep writing books and making videos. (Although recently, YouTube has been such a hassle, that I'm trying to get away from it. Any suggestions for other platforms or means of distribution are welcome.) However, I've added a new passion to my list that solves another great contradiction of our movement: homesteading.

Right now, I live in a 19' RV trailer, but it wasn't long ago that I was living in LA and paying way too much in rent and bills and parking and despite having an awesome job making a daily podcast and videos, I was not living a very free lifestyle. I don't think it's good for our credibility as freedom advocates to be living under the most statist conditions possible while proclaiming that we would be happiest if we maximized freedom in our lives, especially when a much more free lifestyle is just one big commitment away. While living on the road comes with a certain freedom of mobility, it certainly isn't minimizing the presence of the state in our lives. Homesteading resolves the contradiction by empowering us to engineer our lives from the ground up while minimizing our contributions to statism and minimizing the role of the state in our lives.

As we've been traveling the country, it's been beautiful to see how people who care about freedom are building freer lives. So we decided to put on the Freedom Homestead Workshop in March and April of next year near Flagstaff, AZ to create the comprehensive experience to give people the complete skill set to transition to a life fully based on the values of freedom. (There will be a video series as well of course.) For more information, please click here to watch my brief video and get all the information you need to apply to be involved. Please feel free to reply to this email if you have questions that aren't answered there, suggestions, or any other way you'd like to get involved or contribute.



PS The tour has been an amazing experience in every way. We are about halfway through now and our schedule for the second half is mostly laid out on our website. We'll be doing New England in July, sweeping down through the Bible Belt and up through the Northern Midwest in August, then back down the West Coast in September. Hope to see you on the road!

Reprinted from The Freedom Line

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