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Number 829, July 12, 2015

The ancient symbol of revolt against
oppressive authority, unconstitutional
usurpation, and punitive taxation

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Symbol of Revolt

Hollow Victory
by A.X. Perez

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Many years ago I read a news article about New Yorkers who had relocated to Houston. They were worried they and their children were losing their "New York Culture" and turning into red necks (an improvement in my opinion, but each cat his own rat, as Heinlein would've put it). It was suggested that they were too late, as the meeting was held at a place with a name similar to Dave's Barbecue and Chili Pit (this is a memory from back in the Eighties, 'scuse me if I got the name of the restaurant wrong.).

Twice I've submitted articles to TLE that the Civil War was the result of the South not accepting that control of the Nation was slipping from the hands of the Southern Planters (a lot of right bastards) into the hands of the Northern Bankers and Factory Owners (An equally bastardly bunch, bad cess on both their houses.). States rights, tariffs, Abolitionism, the Golden Circle, were all just pretexts. It was a classic Marxist struggle between Aristocrats and Bourgeoisie.

At least the planters had the grace to try to secede. Then again, graciousness is an aristocratic virtue and a free man's privilege.

Since the Seventies the US population has been shifting from the Rust Belt to the Sun Belt. More and more the popular culture in White America (and among large portions of the minority populations) is what can best be described as red neck culture. Right to work has become revered over unionism, gun rights over gun control. The difference is not only cosmetic, it is reflected in growing conservatism and libertarianism.

Part of this red neck culture is a respect for the old CSA as the last great resistance to Yankeeism. This reminder of rebellion frightens the cultural Yankees, it is something they want to destroy. They wish to make it look bad by associating it with the Ku Klux Klan and Segregationism, two evils who have in fact tried to use this heritage as their own. However, it was not about them, it was a reminder that we were not Yankees, no more absorbed by them than Latinos, American Indians, and African Americans will ever be completely absorbed by the Yankees. And this they hated worse.

So when a psychotic shit (and I deliberately contemn him as such) got a hold of a gun and used it in an act of racist savagery they were more than ready to mount an offensive to try to drive those of us who think like red necks, who do not subscribe to their particular vision of America, out of cultural existence.

Sorry, it's not happening, Take away our flags, disinter our warriors, rename parks. We're still a bunch of good old boys and gals, holding on to our guns, Bibles ,rosaries (my people), and most importantly, a reckless freedom that Yankees can never understand.

And if you want to take it by force, well, "We're your huckleberries."

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