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The Other Stars and Stripes
(The Feature Article)

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Number 829, July 12, 2015
The ancient symbol of revolt against
oppressive authority, unconstitutional
usurpation, and punitive taxation

The ancient symbol of revolt
The ancient symbol of revolt against oppressive authority,
unconstitutional usurpation, and punitive taxation

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Americans Have Obeyed Their Last Gun Law
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The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 7 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from Jim Woosley and Paul Bonneau

The Other Stars and Stripes
by L. Neil Smith
It is July of 2015, I am a longtime Internet columnist, and I find myself with so many remarkable events occurring around me, I don't know what to write about. I am struck by the stupidity and evil of the controversy over the battle flag of the Confederate States of America.

"Payback's a Bitch": Rural Wisdom and the Gathering Storm
by Fred Reed
The furor over the Confederate flag, think I, has little to do with the Confederate flag, which is a pretext, an uninvolved bystander. Rather it is about a seething anger in the United States that we must not mention. It is the anger of people who see everything they are and believe under attack by people they aren't and do not want to be—their heritage, their religion, their values and way of life all mocked and even made criminal.

Craypocalypse Now!
by Jeff Fullerton
Elmer's Aquarium on the Miracle Mile is still pretty good though a shadow of what they once were. Got out of dealing in live reptiles with the exception of Red Ear Sliders and a few other common aquatic turtle species. They still have a good selection of reptile supplies and feed. No more Blue Ridge Hatchery goldfish pellets my favored brand for feeding my turts—so I'm giving the Hikari brand. They did not have the goldfish pellets in a small packet—so I got the cichlid feed—to try. The appearance, the ingredient lists and percentages of protein, fat and roughage are exactly the same across the board which makes me think they are different in name only. Call one "Goldfish & Koi pellets"—the other "Cichlid"—clever those Japanese!

Hollow Victory
by A.X. Perez
Many years ago I read a news article about New Yorkers who had relocated to Houston. They were worried they and their children were losing their "New York Culture" and turning into red necks (an improvement in my opinion, but each cat his own rat, as Heinlein would've put it). It was suggested that they were too late, as the meeting was held at a place with a name similar to Dave's Barbecue and Chili Pit (this is a memory from back in the Eighties, 'scuse me if I got the name of the restaurant wrong.).

On Ruthlessness
by Boris Karpa
I'd like to talk a bit about why it pays off for a revolutionary to be shameless, fearless, and ruthless. Today's discussion is that of ruthlessness. Bryan Caplan has pointed out recently that the state—and other oppressors, like drug cartel leaders—play on the human sense of empathy when they pretend to be charitable, by handing out "welfare payments" or "charity" to the needy. The needy are often legitimately in need of help. There legitimately are poor people who are often legitimately not to blame for their circumstance. But your natural compassion for these people is often used by the state as a justification for its authority. Very possibly if we abolished the modern state (to transition to some kind of libertarian, minarchist, or anarchist society), many of these people would suffer in the short term financially. In the long term, private charity might take over to some extent, but there are three important points to be made:

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 335
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 335 of a weekly cartoon series.

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