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Number 832, August 2, 2015

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E-Book Round Up: Please Enroll Responsibly
by Sean Gangol

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Recently I have been reading more and more E-books, which I hadn't done much of before, since I was the type who preferred the old fashion paper books (dead tree books, as many like to call them). This was mainly due to one of my favorite reading spots being in the pool and Jacuzzi, which I didn't feel comfortable reading an electronic device in. I didn't have much use for E-Books until Lee Doran, one of my favorite YouTubers, wrote a book that was exclusively published on a Kindle format.

Not wanting to miss out on the book, I decided to set up a Kindle feature on my laptop. For those of you who don't know who Lee Doran is, he is a libertarian leaning conservative, who has a YouTube channel called "How the World Works." He has also expanded into a subscriber based podcast. I call him a libertarian leaning conservative due to his stances on abortion, gay marriage and the war on drugs.

For the past three years I have enjoyed his insightful videos, so I decided to give his book a try. In his book Please Enroll Responsibly: Avoiding Indoctrination at College he wrote about his experiences as a left-wing environmentalist and how he changed his views after talking to the people of Toledo, Ohio. Doran's job after college was to go to certain neighborhoods to collect petitions for whatever the cause was. In Toledo, it was a Sunoco refinery, which was polluting a nearby school that he was trying to collect enough signatures to shut down. Doran was surprised to find that many people were hostile to his petition because of the cheap gas and jobs that the refinery provided for the locals. It was then that Doran realized that things weren't always clear-cut, which made him rethink his worldview. He would later do research on many of his cherished beliefs and find that he was wrong about quite a few of them. From there he would make his transformation from a college liberal to what he now calls a conservative.

Throughout the rest of the book he gives advice on what courses to take and avoid. He gives this advice to avoid left-wing professors who only care about indoctrination and to make sure people take the right courses that will actually led to fruitful employment. There isn't much else that I can say about the book. It is interesting and informative, but I think the people who will have the most use for this are conservatives and libertarians currently attending college. I decided to review this book because it has sentimental value for me, since it is the first E-book that I have ever read. Plus, it couldn't hurt to give one of my favorite YouTubers a little more exposure.

I would later learn that there were more advantages to buying E-Books. You can get books faster without having to worry about shipping. In some instances it's even cheaper to buy books on electronic format. The best part about this format was that I was able to find a long range of books that I would never have discovered if I just stuck to dead tree books. It's even better now that I have a plastic pouch that allows me to read my handheld Kindle and Nook without having to worry about getting them wet while lounging in the pool or Jacuzzi. I plan to write more reviews to spotlight more obscure works that I found while digging through the archives of both the Nook and Kindle stores.

The Editor notes:

My wife and I were given a Kindle last Christmas, and I also somehow accidently ended up with a tablet (long story). We have gotten so paper books seem so... heavy! And clumsy! And the type size is so non-adjustable! In other words, we're sold. I was reading a paper book and tried to highlight a word and have it do a dictionary/Wikipedia lookup! Dictionaries are so heavy! And so is the Britannica! Yes, we're sold.

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