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Number 834, August 16, 2015

School is only a starting place for education

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Re: "Writing Drills #1" by Terence James Mason

Responsible capitalism is the most efficient economic system for producing total wealth. That's not an opinion, it's a definition: in responsible capitalism, individuals are paid for the value of the work they perform, no more—and no less.

Unfortunately, the word "capitalism" is mired in the same idiotic doldrums as the word "anarchist." The definition most people seem to have for anarchy is the bomb throwing, totally irrational and destructive types of both history and fiction (even when you can tell the difference...).

Same with capitalism, even if prefaced by the word "responsible." Without the context of individual liberty, self ownership, and voluntary associations, it's not hard to understand that a lot of people continue to think that the corrupt and evil economic system we have IS "capitalism" as it is usually called. That it is rejected so many times for all the wrong reasons is a subject for another time....

It is an uphill battle to rehabilitate these words, to separate them from what they have come to mean in the minds of most people. I don't use either term anymore, since few are willing to even consider the qualifiers we might use to explain them.

Other than that... your article was very good.

The Price of Liberty

I believe the word "capitalism" was invented by a feller by the name of Karl Marx, and had a negative aspect from the very beginning. I, myself, prefer "free market" or "free markets" instead. But that's just me. YMMV.—Editor

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Re: "Good Offenses Make good Neighbors" by L. Neil Smith

Furthermore, you may not dress up as a ghost, as doing so might offend the dead.

—This is medium funny.

Polish jokes were killed off by the guy who stepped on it: "Did you hear? They elected a Polish pope." "Yeah? what's the punchline?" Never heard a Polish joke after that.

The correct way to celebrate Samhain (Correct name for Halloween) is to stuff criminals and sicklings in a wicker man and light it. Is overdone political correctness an illness or a form of criminality?

A.X. Perez

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