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Number 836, August 30, 2015

There Ain't No Such Thing As Social Justice

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We Were Betrayed
by Kyle Smith, Texas Gun Rights

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Special/Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

We were betrayed.

After months of mobilization and a tidal wave of grassroots pressure, the people of Texas made it clear that nothing less than Constitutional Carry would be accepted.

But late last week, Constitutional Carry was stonewalled without so much as a vote.


As expected, anti-gun Speaker Joe Straus pulled out all of the stops in his attempts to stifle the MASSIVE outpouring of support for Constitutional Carry.

This was no surprise, as we expected the anti-gun crowd to do everything in their power to block a vote from taking place.

They know this would reveal who really stands with gun owners and who stands with the gun grabbers.

But this wasn't the betrayal. Straus was never going to work with gun owners, and everyone knew it.

The betrayal came from self-proclaimed "pro-gun" State Representative Matt Schaefer.

You see, Rep. Schaefer pledged to stand with pro-gun hero Rep. Jonathan Stickland for Constitutional Carry...

...but soon after pledging his support, he folded like a cheap deck of cards.

He started parroting anti-gun Speaker Straus's ridiculous claim that Constitutional Carry is "non-germane" and should not be allowed as an amendment.

He also insisted on alerting Straus to Stickland's plan to put the whole House on record with a vote on Constitutional Carry.

Sadly, Schaefer even encouraged other conservatives to pull their support from Constitutional Carry.

The sad reality is that Schaefer's betrayal should be no surprise. After all, he still refuses to co-sponsor Rep. Stickland's Constitutional Carry bill, HB 195.

It's time for Rep. Schaefer to choose whose side he is on. Will he stand with Speaker Straus and continue obstructing Constitutional Carry? Or will he stand with gun rights advocates across Texas to demand Constitutional Carry?

Please call Rep. Schaefer at 512-463-0584 and insist that he apologize for his betrayal. Tell him reverse course and support Constitutional Carry.

The fight for Constitutional Carry will continue, with or without Matt Schaefer's support.

The fact is, I'd like to see Rep. Schaefer come around and support our efforts, but whether he stands up for your gun rights is ultimately his choice.

So, please call Rep. Schaefer at 512-463-0584 and demand that he stand up for your gun rights instead of shielding the anti-gun crowd in Austin from ever having to be exposed to pro-gun Texans for who they really are.

Please act today!


Kyle Smith
Director of Communications

P.S. Rep. Matt Schaefer betrayed Texas gun owners by parroting anti-gun Speaker Straus's ridiculous claim that Constitutional Carry is "non-germane" and should not be allowed as an amendment.

He insisted on alerting Speaker Joe Straus to Rep. Stickland's plan to force the anti-gun crowd in Austin to go on record with a vote on Constitutional Carry.

Rather than standing with gun rights advocates, Schaefer cast his lot with the gun grabbers by going back on his word and pulling other members with him.

Our fight for Constitutional Carry continues, and I'd like to see Rep. Schaefer join us, but it's ultimately up to him to listen to the grassroots.

So, please call Rep. Schaefer and demand that he apologize for his betrayal, reverse course, and to stand up for Constitutional Carry.

His number is 512-463-0584.

Texas Gun Rights is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, single-purpose citizens' organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Constitutionally protected right-to-keep-and-bear-arms through an aggressive program designed to mobilize public opposition to anti-gun legislation. Texas Gun Rights' mailing address is PO Box 5099, Round Rock, TX 78683. They can be contacted at Its web address is

Not produced or e-mailed at taxpayer expense.

Help fight gun control. Donate to Texas Gun Rights!

A.X. Perez notes:

This is example of list of politicians need to dump before 2017 to get Constitutional Carry to pass.

This was from last April. Tx. passed licensed carry (open or concealed) effective 1 Jan. 2016. Some members of the legislature, including people who normally support gun control (there are such in Texas, horribly enough), wanted to add a "stealth open carry" amendment requiring police to have more of a reason than that the person in question was openly carrying a handgun to ask to see a license. Liberals supported concerned that cops would stop, harass, and kill Blacks and latinos more often than whites. Gun rights types just loved the idea of putting one over on Strauss. Police associations ultimately caused Open Carry Bill to lose CC Amendment. Described all this back in May and June.

I promised a long time ago to stop discussions on race but if Carrying While Black or Brown is a crime I got a a dog in the fight. Either all Americans have the same rights or no ones' rights are secure, so all of us have a dog in this fight. Once we are disarmed, we are all without rights, we just have privileges and really indulgent masters, for the time being. Fuck that.

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