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Rational Thoughts On Immigration
(The Feature Article)

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Number 836, August 30, 2015

There Ain't No Such Thing As Social Justice


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Americans Have Obeyed Their Last Gun Law
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The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
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Letters to the Editor
from L. Neil Smith, A.X. Perez, The Editor, Tyrone Johnson, and TJ Mason

Rational Thoughts On Immigration
by L. Neil Smith
I was in sixth grade when I first saw right wing materials, pamphlets, booklets, etc., in the library. Everything from the John Birch Society (which wasn't well thought of in those days) to writings by and about George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party. I wasn't particularly impressed, but one thing struck me. Most of them, for all that they claimed to admire and adhere to American values, believed those values were fragile. One foreigner spoils the population of hundreds of millions. One foreign word spoils the language. One alien idea spoils the creed. One drop of unwanted blood spoils the line. Fragile. Frankly, if I had a .45 automatic that was that fragile I wouldn't bother trading it off, I'd throw it in a lake, somewhere.

Not a Rant
by A.X. Perez
Gleaned from two weeks of gun news: Members of Oath Keepers showed up at Ferguson, Missouri, armed to protect various people. They offered to provide arms for self defense to protesters (thus shooting down, you should pardon the expression, of various left wing groups that the Oath Keepers are the KKK repackaged). Several protesters suggested that the OK guys were meshuggeneh, that while white men could walk the streets with "assault rifles" and pistols, Black People trying the same would get killed. If this is true we have a long way to go in civil rights. Of course, leftists would argue this means Whites should be disarmed same same Blacks. Equal oppression for all is equality, right?

Death in Ravenna
by Richard Blake
September 618 AD. The Byzantine Empire is losing its war with Persia. Syria and Egypt are occupied. The Balkans are lost. Italy is going, one bite at a time, to the Lombards. The Catholic Church is already an independent power. At 15, Rodi is the youngest agent in the Byzantine secret service. He's in Ravenna to find dirt on an Exarch suspected of having his hand in the till. His mission goes exactly to plan—until a freak accident leads to murder and the uncovering of a plot no one in Constantinople had thought possible.

Calling a Halt to Jihad
by L. Neil Smith
A few years ago, former congressman and conservative activist Tom Tancredo, the most interesting man in Colorado politics, especially Republican politics, made a suggestion about dealing with radical Islam. Another attack, he warned, like the one on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in 2001, and the Air Force should reduce the city of Mecca, to which every devout Moslem is supposed to make a pilgrimage at least once in his life, to a radioactive glass parking lot.

We Were Betrayed
by Kyle Smith
We were betrayed. After months of mobilization and a tidal wave of grassroots pressure, the people of Texas made it clear that nothing less than Constitutional Carry would be accepted. But late last week, Constitutional Carry was stonewalled without so much as a vote.

The Power to Issue Money
by Jim Davidson
One of the really important questions you should think about is: Who should have the power to issue money? Now, a great many of you probably haven't thought about this question, ever. After all, since the beginning of recorded history, various types of governments, including republics, kings, priest-kings, and dictatorships have issued money. If you open up your wallet, you probably find some paper money in there issued by some government, or on behalf of a central bank that is authorised by some government. Very likely, you also have some credit or debit cards issued by banks or credit unions, but these are only corporate extensions of governments, so not really that different. My wallet has a couple of Ron Helwig's Shire silver and gold wire cards, too.

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Some readers have noted and commented on the fact that we have terminated the comic strip Atlantea the Beautiful. I won't hide behind the journalistic "we"—I made the decision, not for no reason.

It was a decision I felt regret over. Atlantea has been around in one form or another, since the administration of President George H. W. Bush, whom co-author and artist Rex May and I lampooned as "Firstman Shrubb" (his son became Firstman Twigg). We did silly strips about his wife Barbaria, and his Secondman, whom we named after some bird or other. We introduced Eljor, Prophet of Doom, naming him for Superman's dad spelled sideways. In those days he resembled Andre Marrou.

However, over the past year or so, the strip's content, now mostly controlled by Rex, due to increasing poor health and growing fatigue on my part, came more and more to reflect Rex's views, with which I didn't want to be associated. During that interval, readers complained we were publishing a racist, xenophobic strip and Rex made it plain in other venues that they were not mistaken. As I have said elsewhere in this issue of The Libertarian Enterprise, I have long been in favor of open immigration; it's one reason I'm a libertarian, not a conservative.

However Rex was a good friend of a lifetime's standing. I made excuses for him and cut as wide a path as I could for him for as kong as I could. The last strip we ran accused me of being an idiot and took other cheap shots at me and those who share my views, and I was aware that elsewhere, Rex was calling the Zero Aggression Principle, the very foundation of everything ethical I believe, into question. He was quoting Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve and a student of racial differences, in ways Murray himself has asked people not to do. Enough was enough. I created The Libertarian Enterprise as a platform for liberty-oriented free speech, not racist neofascism and coercion.

And so, without apology, we say a sad farewell to Atlantea the Beautiful in the virtual pages of The Libertarian Enterprise. We'll try to find something just as funny -- and completely ethical—to replace it. Some observers may accuse me of censorship—which I have battled all my life -- but this is my publication; I will not support ideas that get others beaten up and killed because they want a better life.

L. Neil Smith
Publisher and Senior Columnist
The Libertarian Enterprise

Back to Ye Olde Editor now.

Jim Woosley sent this link:

Revenge Of The Nerds: SciFi Fights Back Against Social Justice
by Mick Warshaw
The petty tyrants of the Social Justice Warrior movement have been active in nearly every corner of our modern culture, seeking to disqualify and discredit people without the requisite bona fides to satisfy the SJW movement's strange calculus of race, sex, and sexuality politics.
Read more

The funny thing about "Social Justice" is There Ain't No Such Thing As Social Justice (TANSTASJ!). And, people who call themselves "Social Justice Warriors" are not advocating justice of any kind, but rather totalitarian dictatorship.

Finally, this issue contains the return of Jim Davidson, who first wrote for us in issue number 3 (December 1995)! Welcome back, Jim! And the return of L. Neil Smith. Welcome back Neil!

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