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Number 837, September 6, 2015

Once again,
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A Woman on the New Ten Dollar Bill
by Pete Stephenson

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We are informed that the redesign of the U.S. ten dollar bill will have a portrait of a woman in place of Alexander Hamilton. That's fine with me. I like women, and since this measure will tremendously enhance the lives of women everywhere, I'm all for it. As a man, I've already received way more than my fair share of benefits from having Alexander Hamilton's face on the bill, so I say now it's the women's turn and about time!

As a well-known expert on the ten dollar bill, I'd like to share my thoughts about which woman should grace the new design.

But first, a list of the current front runners, from unofficial polling at The Washington Post:

33% Eleanor Roosevelt
18% Harriet Tubman
11% Susan B. Anthony
11% Rosa Parks
6% Sally Ride
6% Dolley Madison
5% Clara Barton
4% Wilma Mankiller
4% Sojourner Truth
4% Elizabeth Cady Stanton

While I'm intrigued by the name "Wilma Mankiller" in eighth place, my preference (she's still holding steady in last place with 0.00% of the vote) is Lady Liberty. Her visage served us quite well on an earlier, better ten dollar denomination. Who's with me on this? Can we get it done? Where do I cast my vote?

10 Dollar Gold Coin
Source of image: WikiPedia

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