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Number 837, September 6, 2015

Once again,
they're offering us the Three Stooges
and the Seventeen Dwarves for President

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To My Readers and Friends
by L. Neil Smith

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Three years ago, I published my second work of non-fiction, Down With Power (Phoenix Pick, 2012). Unlike my first, Lever Action (Mountain Media, 2004), which was a more or less random collection of essays, written at odd moments over several years, Down With Power was written to a point.

Unlike John Hospers' Libertarianism, Murray Rothbard's For A New Liberty, David Friedman's The Machinery of Freedom, or other books like them, Down With Power was not meant to be a libertarian primer. It was not about libertarian principles or what libertarianism is, it was about libertarian policy, meaning how things would change if libertarians ever got the chance to change them, and, possibly, how to get them changed. Down With Power is also about the vital importance of those changes to the survival of our civilization during its greatest time of peril since the War Between the States. To my knowledge, no such book had ever been written before.

I intended Down With Power for three audiences: (1) newcomers to the libertarian movement who wanted to know what it is really all about; (2) regular members who wanted something to fall back on when their ideas were challenged; and (3) candidates who might want a campaign guide. I also wanted to confront and embarrass the LINOs—"Libertarians In Name Only"—the John Boehners of the movement who currently own and operate the sad, battered Libertarian Party.

Originally, for reasons that should be obvious, I had wanted Down With Power to have a gold-colored foil cover—Mr. Smith's little (capitalist) gold book, as opposed to Chairman Mao's little (Marxist) red book—but that turned out to be undoable. I settled for a bright yellow cover, envisioning speakers, hostile or otherwise, at the podium having to gaze out over an ocean of brilliant yellow books, held by readers and enthusiasts.

To my disappointment (but not my surprise) that hasn't happened, which is why I'm writing this. Instead, once again, they're offering us the Three Stooges and the Seventeen Dwarves for President. Let me state it plainly: America needs it desperately; it is the answer to every one of the country's political and economic problems; America's very survival hinges on it. The solutions are out there, and in many instances they are astonishingly simple (politicians don't want you to know that; to them, solved problems are a threat to their phony jobs), but they can't be put to work if people don't know about them.

So I ask you, the closest of my readers: what can I do to sell orders of magnitude more copies of Down With Power than I have so far? I will read everything you write, and respond when time and energy allow me. If you have wondered what you can do to change the course of history, here it is: give me advice.

If you haven't read Down With Power, that might be a good place to start. The best way to get it is from through the bottom of the front page of The Libertarian Enterprise That way my webmaster actually gets a penny or two from each book sold. It can also be had as a Kindle (or other electronics) book and a recording magnificently rendered by talk host Brian Wilson. Read Down With Power, and then give me your advice. It will be extremely welcome.

Lever Action is also still available, as well.

Thank you,

L. Neil Smith
Publisher and Senior Columnist
The Libertarian Enterprise

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