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Number 838, September 13, 2015

If someone tries to kill you,
you try to kill 'em right back.

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Say it Loud, Say it Proud!

Re: "The Natural Right of Self Defense" from

Don't soft peddle it. The right to self defense is an absolute irrevocable gift from the One True G-d. This includes the right to use whatever tools and amount of force you need to defend your life. It is only restricted when someone is using counterforce to protect himself (or herself, or itself nowadays) from your attempting to commit an unjust harm against him or persons under his lawful, moral protection. It is a crime and a sin against men, Nature and Nature's G-d for the state to pretend to the power to deny people the right to self defense, or the methods and tools needed achieve this goal.

All of the above is an understatement, as there are are no words to describe how precious G-d's gift of life, loved ones, liberty, the property to support these and rights to the power and tools to protect them are.

I mean, tell it like it is, don't soft pedal the right to self defense and the right to keep and bear arms to do so.

A.X. Perez

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See Kalvan: The Genesis, by John F. Carr

I love this H. Beam Piper quote.
It is so true!

"Atheists make excellent clergymen in normal times, they never get scared by their own sermons. But offer them a chance to be martyrs and see what happens".

Jeff Fullerton

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Illegal Immigration and Organized Crime

One of the problems with illegal immigration is the precisely the same as we had with the Progressives' Amendment XVIII criminalization of alcohol production and sale (and the War on Some Drugs still idiotically ongoing) in that a constellation of arguably non-violent activities voluntarily undertaken by human beings has been "driven underground," making everything attending upon these critters subject to exploitation by the criminal sector of American society.

The illegal immigrant KNOWS that he's committing a crime just by BEING on U.S. soil. This makes him reluctant (at best) to put himself—in any way—into the hands of the police power anywhere in los Estados Unidos, and it at all possible he will tend reliably to turn to the "informal sector" for everything: jobs, housing, transportation, you name it.

Sure, the illegal immigrant population has tended to swamp the progtards' bread-and-circuses welfare systems, but every time one of them interfaces with some social worker or "community organizer," the border-jumper knows that he risks coming to the attention of la Migra, and he knows that he's a CRIMINAL.

If one's citizenship isn't U.S. (see "Barry" Soebarkah, citizen in good standing of the Republic of Indonesia, who never so much as paused at the I.N.S. counter in the Honolulu International Airport when he was sent at age 10 to grow up Haole in Hawaii with his Dunham grandparents) and you ain't got no green card, no matter what the leftard politicians blather, having the guys with the guns and the uniforms pay attention to you is muy malo. Better to stay sub rosa, even if that means you become vulnerable to the local branch of Los Zetas.

Those of us with our ethnic roots in Sicily are aware of the fact that the Mafia got its start in these United States by running "padrone" protection rackets victimizing Italian immigrant workers sojurning in America and sending remittances back to their starving families in il Mezzogiorno.

Sound familiar?

Rich Matarese

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