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Number 839, September 20, 2015

We are being presented with fifteen or sixteen or
seventeen sorry specimens not one of whom has even
the faintest idea what this country was originally
supposed to be about, or regards that history as relevant

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Re: "The Gun On The Bedside Table" by L. Neil Smith

Only comment is that I keep night pistol about 6 steps from bed. Gives me enough time to wake up and make sure I don't shoot out mirror or loved one while brain still asleep.

Okay, I was wrong. One other comment. re: Glock's reliability. A nightstand gun, hell any self-defense pistol, must be as close to 100% reliable as humanly possible. Current efforts to make a "smart gun" (one that only works for authorized user) reduce this by adding a failure point from hell (what if batteries die? is the least problem).

I respect the intent of many who have this goal. However, I am afraid for every life they save two will die.

A.X. Perez

[ The "smart gun" hoax is ... well, an utter hoax. You want to trust your life to software? Software that surely can be remotely hacked or disabled by EMP or just up and crashes at the wrong time? As a retired computer programmer, I can say "HELL NO!"—Editor ]

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Re: "Letter from Rich Matarese"

I was a bit unsure how to take Rich's letter: "The illegal immigrant KNOWS that he's committing a crime just by BEING on U.S. soil.... he knows that he's a CRIMINAL."

I would have been more impressed had he put the words "crime" and "criminal" and "illegal" in quotes, since he was talking about mala prohibita after all.

Though no doubt the group "illegal" people includes its share of scoundrels, like any population, still I admire the fact that the first thing these folks do upon entering the US is to break a bullshit law. If only "real" Americans were similarly unimpressed by petty diktats. Living in the underground economy is something to be admired, not nit-picked (if that is what Rich is doing - it was not clear to me).

As to crime syndicates, they are almost always creations of government, if sometimes unintended.

Paul Bonneau
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