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Number 840, September 27, 2015

Common sense—which apparently is
so rare these days among the elite as
to practically count as a super-power.

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The Year Ahead
by L. Neil Smith

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Next month, October, 2015, The Libertarian Enterprise will begin its twentieth year of publication. This is not something I can say I ever foresaw. I founded TLE specifically to give more publicity to a fellow writer who I felt deserved it. I still recall as if it were yesterday the founding "meeting" with two friends on a little gravel island under the aspens in the middle of the Cache la Poudre River. That was in October of 1995 when those trees were changing color spectacularly as they do every year at about this time. They're doing it again, right now. It's very good to live in the Rocky Mountain West.

One of those friends was Yiing Boardman, our first real editor (my wife Cathy and I each filled in for a little while) followed by John Taylor who preceded Ken Holder who has been our editor for a decade.

Since then, a whole lot of different phenomena have arrived and fizzled.

Y2K comes immediately to mind, and the embarrassing (to some pundits) fact that it was not exactly the end of the world as we know it.

The cannot-be-sufficiently-cursed Clintons were in power back then, and even after two decades, the bloody trash will still not go home.

We were angrily blamed by certain crooks infesting the Libertarian Party for the wonderfully disappointing vote totals of con-man Harry Browne.

Thanks to typical corrupt Republican Party perfidiousness, the country has fought some uncertain number of foreign wars (three and a half is it?), gotten a whole lot of people (ours and theirs) killed, and a whole lot of money wasted for no good reason and to no good effect.

The CIA entities Al Qaeda and ISIS are among us like vampires and werewolves.

Speaking of bloodsuckers, most of us had not heard of Barack Hussein Obama back in 1995, and we all naively believed the political situation was just about as bad as it could be. But, as I've had occasion to observe more than once, politically, there's never any good news. Those who are feeling momentarily cheered by the dishonorable resignation and retirement in historical disgrace of soon-to-be-former Speaker of the House Boehner should keep that in mind.

During all that time, The Libertarian Enterprise has been here weekly, handling the stories we felt were significant as well as we could. It's not a very tall soap-box, but it's what we've got. I'm writing to you now, Dear Reader, to ask you for some help so we can go on doing that. No, this is not an appeal for money (although we certainly wouldn't turn it down). I want to increase our circulation tenfold in the coming year which looks incapable, otherwise, of bringing any better news. You can help by writing, an article or a letter to the editor, to plump the publication out. The only thing we don't publish is the advocacy or attempted delegation of initiated force.

You can also help us by persuading as many others as possible to look at and respond to TLE each weekend, by mentioning it in e-mail, when you're on the radio, by quoting things you've seen in it and agree or disagree with. Get one new person a month to join us, and we'll prosper. Make that one person a week, and it's "roll over Time Magazine."

This is important, because we have always seen ourselves as the conscience of the libertarian movement. When the party nominated that putrid statist scumbag Bob Barr, we gave them a raspberry so loud it's still echoing. When they or others claiming to be libertarian misstep. We want to keep doing that. We upheld the right of a local baker not to make a gay wedding cake, as fervently as we uphold the right of gays to have weddings. For us, political correctness is a dartboard. At _The Libertarian Enterprise_. ethics are our most important product.

You can also buy things from our sponsors occasionally. Try a Kydex shoulder-holster or an ingenious plastic Handi-Racker. I use them both, myself. And there are lots of good books (including mine) to be had in our bookstore and more and different products on the way.

So. wish us well in our second quarter century, and we'll go on doing more of what we've done. There is no "right libertarian", there is no "left libertarian", there is no "fat libertarian", there is no "thin libertarian". There is only libertarian: absolute self-ownership and non-initiation of force. And, as Pogo might once have said, it is us.

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