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The Year Ahead
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Number 840, September 27, 2015

Common sense—which apparently is
so rare these days among the elite as
to practically count as a super-power.

Why Vote for a Lesser Evil?
Why Vote for a Lesser Evil?

Down With Power Audiobook!
The Down With Power audiobook read by Brian Wilson
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Americans Have Obeyed Their Last Gun Law
A cyberpamphlet by L. Neil Smith


The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 7 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from Rich Matarese, A.X. Perez, Richard Bartucci, and Kent McManigal

The Year Ahead
by L. Neil Smith
Next month, October, 2015, The Libertarian Enterprise will begin its twentieth year of publication. This is not something I can say I ever foresaw. I founded TLE specifically to give more publicity to a fellow writer who I felt deserved it. I still recall as if it were yesterday the founding "meeting" with two friends on a little gravel island under the aspens in the middle of the Cache la Poudre River. That was in October of 1995 when those trees were changing color spectacularly as they do every year at about this time. They're doing it again, right now. It's very good to live in the Rocky Mountain West.

by J. Neil Schulman
What's the most frightening thing about UFO's—Unidentified Flying Objects? After all, it's common to look up and see birds, aircraft, clouds, and other things flying in the sky. What's frightening is the first word in the acryonym: "Unidentified." We're scared because certain objects perform maneuvers unlike other things we see in the sky and we don't know what they are.

E-Book Round Up: Why I Left the Left and Became a Libertarian
by Sean Gangol
This is a nice little gem that I found when I was searching for libertarian based titles at the Nook Store. What I find the most interesting about the book, Why I Left the Left and Became a Libertarian is that it reminded me of the time when I discovered libertarianism. Though, I never identified as much with the left as the people in this book did, I was still able to relate to them.

Nullification Act

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Some reading:

What's To Be Done About The Reproducibility Crisis In The Social Sciences?
by James "AntiDem" Rustler
There has of late been a lot of discussion about the future of social science and the direction that it should take if it is to remain relevant. This has been touched off by a "reproducibility crisis" in social science which has brought its system of validating results into serious question. Perhaps the most noteworthy headline generated by the matter involved an investigation, published in the journal Science, which found that over 60% of a selection of peer-reviewed research papers in psychology that had been published in prestigious journals in the field had claimed results that were not reproducible. Similar bad news emanates from other areas of the social sciences, throwing doubt on the reliability and usefulness of the entire field.

But all of this only confirms what traditionalists and reactionaries already knew: that a very large amount of the social science that has been produced over the past century—or even longer—is utter bunk. News of the reproducibility crisis provides some nice validation, but it is hardly a surprise to us that the social sciences are fundamentally broken. The question is what to do about it. In an article in the Drexel University-affiliated online magazine The Smart Set, the economist Michael Lind recently proposed abolishing social science entirely.
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And, I found this brilliant observation in a comment at Sara Hoyt's Blog:

"When what the conventional wisdom says do continues to fail, don't double down. Try something else."

Exactly. Just common sense—which apparently is so rare these days among the elite as to practically count as a super-power.
—Celia Hayes
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Celia Hayes blog

Hey, we've all got super powers! At least relatively. Relative to the dips who think they own the world.

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