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Americans Have Obeyed Their Last Gun Law
(The Feature Article)

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Number 841, October 4, 2015

Their embrace of the crazy left is not an
embrace of ideals they think will make the
world better, it’s an attempt to be eaten last.

Chris Mintz, Hero
Chris Mintz, Hero
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Americans Have Obeyed Their Last Gun Law
A cyberpamphlet by L. Neil Smith


The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 7 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from Jim Davidson, A.X. Perez, Ray J., Sean Gangol, Jim Woosley, Edwin E. Smith, and Alan Korwin

Americans Have Obeyed Their Last Gun Law
Version 1.1

A cyberpamphlet
by L. Neil Smith
Barack Obama is the first United States President to have brought that office down to the level of contempt and disrespect which a lifetime of political involvement have taught me to have for it. And perhaps that is Obama's real crime. Jimmy Carter came close, and George the Lesser even closer, but they both seem like statesmen in retrospect, compared to him.

Libertarian Movement Phoenix
by J. Neil Schulman
Over the weekend of September 25 to 27th I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona for the Second Amendment Foundation’s 2015 Gun Rights Policy Conference. I delivered a short address from the podium on Sunday the 27th that was video-recorded both by the Polite Society Podcast and C-SPAN. In addition I was interviewed before my speech by the Polite Society Podcast and both before and after by Ernest Hancock’s Declare Your Independence radio program.

If a Size 12 Fits, Then You Have Big Feet
The Kaptain’s back on deck and there are going to be a lot of hurted little feelings.
The Kaptain’s Log,

by Manuel Miles, aka Kaptain Kanada
A lot of people have very large smelly feet and, while a nice person wouldn’t mention it, your old Kaptain, as you would know by now if you had been paying attention, is not a nice guy. If the shoe fits, wear it; don’t put on a size too small and then complain about how much it hurts. Of course I’m not talking about actual shoe size, i’m just about to lambaste you for your incompetence as parents—not all of you, just those of you who merit it. You already know who you are, but I’m going to spell it out for everyone else.

Civil Obedience
by J. Neil Schulman
Interviewed October 1st by Sean Hannity about the shootings at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College, Air Force Veteran John Parker revealed that at the time of the shootings Parker was in a campus veterans’ center armed with a licensed, concealed handgun and was only 200 yards from active shooter, Chris Harper Mercer. When Parker attempted to leave the veterans’ center with the intent to stop the shooting rampage, college authorities stopped Parker.

Nullification Act

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Sarah Hoyt notes:

And their grand plan was to lock the classroom doors, and let no one out. You know, the perfectly normal classroom doors, you could kick in without much effort, and which were not bullet proof. What this amounted to was isolating the classrooms, and making it easy for a single killer to move down a hallway shooting the kids in batch lots.

This makes absolutely no sense, of course, unless you think of guns as magical objects, against which there is no defense but to cower and hope that the evil object and its thrall don’t find you.

If say, imagine, someone has an evil magic wand, that can kill you just by being in your vicinity, and he’s loose in the school, yep, the best thing to do is to hide and close the door and hope evil sates itself on your neighbors before it gets to you.

It’s also pusillanimous and shameful and unworthy of any human who walks on two legs. But it is the result of what the left is and what is has become. 90% of the communists and socialists walking around today are not such because they think those regimes are admirable (at least not if they’re over twenty and actually know anything of the world and history) but because they’re afraid they’re inevitable. Their embrace of the crazy left is not an embrace of ideals they think will make the world better, it’s an attempt to be eaten last.

With such people in charge of our policies, as they are throughout most educational establishments, it’s no wonder that the ‘eat me last’ strategy is the best they can come up with.

Sarah Hoyt, "Your Duties" Read more

I am going to have links to her books up in the Free Radical Bookstore Real Soon Now—this here "chronic fatigue" thing is ... slowing me down. Yeh, that's it, slowing me down.

Wildey Guns Is Back!

Five years ago, we reported that Wildey Guns, makers of the famous Wildey magnum automatic pistol featured in films like Death Wish and Robocop 3, had ceased operations due to the ailing health of their founder, Wildey Moore. Well, Moore is feeling better, and Wildey Guns is back! Go to

Nice. Not that I could ever afford one of them things, but they are purty. Purty purty pistols yes.

Chris Mintz, 30yo Army veteran from North Carolina

According to Fox 8, when the gunman tried to enter Mintz’s class, Mintz told the students in his classroom to get to a safe place, then said to the shooter “you’re not getting by me”

He was shot seven times, reportedly both legs are broken and he’ll likely have to learn to walk again. As he lay wounded he was heard saying, “It’s my son’s birthday.”

On his son’s 6th birthday, he charged a gunman. The gunman did not get by him.

How likely are we to hear Chris Mintz’s name bandied about for the next week? How many times will his picture flash on the screen? In what depth will his motives be dissected?

How about we shine a bright light in the right place, for once. Fuck the scumbag. When people talk about the Umpqua Community College shooting I want to hear Chris Mintz’s name.

—Eamon J. Cole, October 2, 2015 at 2:28 pm
Sarah Hoyt's Blog

Too bad Mr. Mintz didn't have a Wildey in, say, .45 Win Mag about his person. That would have taken care of the dipshit who's name we will not mention, never. Instead it will be areferred to as [-wossname dipshit-].

Jim Woosley notes:

A person who would take away your right to self-defense would rather see you dead in the street than carrying a gun.

Yep, if those few, those happy few, those band of brothers (and sisters) who have somehow learned to think (in spite of the American Educational Establishment™) were all gotten rid of, why then the work of them thar Political Correctors would be easy. Over and Done by now.

But... no. No. And NO.

(And of course, I'm pretty sure instead of "rather see you dead" it is actually "want to see you dead.")

And remember readers, always render the name of the Umpqua Community College shooter as [-wossname dipshit-] wherever you write about it. He wanted to be famous, remember. Don't let it happen. [-wossname dipshit-].

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