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Number 842, October 11, 2015

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The Enemy of My Enemy is Who?
by A.X. Perez

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For those of us who are concerned about US involvement in the Middle East, a list of players and who is on whose side.

The Islamic State (AKA ISIS, ISIL, and DAESH or Daesh): Seek to over throw Syrian Government (whom US hates), and Iraqi Government (whom US loves). US, referred to in future as we, hates Daesh (as these guys are currently fashionably called.).

Moderate rebels: Various anti Assad (Leader of Syrian Government, whom we hate) who may either be helping destroy Daesh (whom we hate) or allied to them. We love them but can't trust them not to side Daesh.

Bashir al-Assad: Strong man leader of central Syrian government (We hate them both) who respected the rights of Christians and members of Muslim sects other than his (quality not shown by Daesh or necessarily by moderate rebels.).

Iran: Allied to Assad (whom we hate) and Iraq (whom we love) against Daesh (whom we hate). Also allied to Assad against Moderate rebels (whom we love). We hate Iran.

Iraq/Iraqi government: We love them (after all, we created current IG). Fighting against Daesh with help from us and Iran (whom we hate.)

Russia whom we currently hate: Is helping Assad (whom we hate) and Iraq (whom we love) against Daesh (whom we hate) in informal alliance with Iran (whom we hate but our friend Iraq loves).

USA: Loves Iraq but hates her ally Iran and de facto allies Russia and Syria. Hates Daesh, however loves moderate rebel groups who may in fact be allied to Daesh and betraying us to Daesh.

Al Qaeda: May be allied to some moderate rebel groups, hates Daesh. Also hates Assad, Iran, and US.

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