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Number 843, October 18, 2015

You don't need a group to be an individual

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by L. Neil Smith

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It has been interesting, this week, to say the least, listening to the bleating menagerie on the left, that barnyard clutter of liberals, progressives, socialists, and outright communists the Democratic Party has finally mutated into after decades of public denial, prescribing dictates they want promulgated—this time about illegally ending private gun ownership—which they are personally too chicken-livered to enforce themselves, just as they are perfectly happy to have someone else commit the ugly crimes they carefully arrange to inspire them.

I would deeply enjoy it if Hillary Clinton, who has more balls than the rest of the Democratic field put together, strapped on the Kevlar, covered that face with a mask, and showed up on my doorstep to try to steal my weapons. Each and every one of us owes the Woman-with-One-Eyebrow a moral debt: simply by existing, she reminds us that we all spend a lot more time in life being ugly than being pretty.

But Hillary is not the only example of what has to be the most cynically assembled collection of genetic and psychological kluges ever foisted off on that seething mass of embarrassing gullibility that now comprises the great American electorate and probably always did. @Chris Matthews: that thrill you feel going down your leg is psychic precognition—it' s people in the future pissing on your grave.

Every one of these bipedal cockroaches, Republican and Democrat alike, have only one interest, which each of them shares with the others: their most fervent desire is to stop working for a living like the rest of us do, and let the Robbery Victims of America (that's us) pay their way, while they ride out in limousines and helicopters and enjoy caviar omelets and flamingo fingers for breakfast at our expense.

The irony is that, not only are these vermin not needed, they make things worse. For decades, violent crime in this country soared until it was estimated, in the 1960s, that one American in four would be a victim at some time in his or her life. Officials filled the airwaves, cautioning us never to try to defend ourselves, but to leave it to the expert professionals. Billions of dollars ad millions of man-hours were thrown at the problem and still it worsened—until the public began ignoring the "sage advice" of the authorities and arming themselves.

We owe this revolutionary change to three men: Clint Eastwood, for his "Dirty Harry" movies about an honest cop who made his own rules in a world—San Francisco—where political correctness had gone mad; Charles Bronson, who played Paul Kersey in the "Death Wish" series, in which a man whose wife is murdered by house-breakers and his daughter is gang-raped and driven insane, is motivated to hunt and kill violent criminals; and Bernhard H. Goetz, a genuine New York subway passenger who paved the way for the self-defense revolution to come.

Florida was the first to cave in, legalizing what people were already doing. The violent crime rate plummeted in double digits and is still falling. In hindsight, it was obvious: crime is a diffuse problem, not subject to centralized socialist planning. It can only be solved by diffuse means: removing any legal barriers to individual armed self-defense, The same method applies to terrorism, Islamic or otherwise.

The problem arises among government authorities who resent it that a problem they were unable even to scratch for half a century has casually diminished and will probably vanish soundlessly with continued "benign neglect". They don't wish to be seen as useless and possibly lose their inflated wages and pensions, so they throw legal barriers, the modern equivalent of Jim Crow laws, in the way of real progress. Like vultures perched on a cactus, waiting for something to die, they greet each crime that gets committed as a god-send, "proving" that an armed society isn't the answer"—until we learn that these crimes are mostly committed where privately owned guns are banned.

More and more, they commit the violent crimes themselves.

If you ignore mass media and their propaganda, you'll learn that ecologists, environmentalists, animal rightists, and global wwarmists have just about worn out their welcome on this planet. You can only maintain a pack of lies for so long. The price of oil is artificially kept high by a cartel similar to the DeBeers cartel that maintains the phony price of diamonds. But by this time in the next century, energy will be all but free. Water will never be the crisis it's supposed to be. One by one, giant institutions are collapsing from within.The police state is no exception—as long as we avoid its violent death throes.

Now that I'm older, I begin to see the point of patience.The world's first anti-slavery society was founded in 1492 in Spain, by Queen Isabella, who was appalled at the condition of Indian prisoners Columbus dragged home with him. If you figure slavery ended in 1865, at the end of the War between the States (I don't but that's the subject for another day) it took 373 years worth of patience to end slavery. The Irish had to wait, and fight, for a similar period, for freedom.

Modern libertarianism was born around the time of World War II, with the Foundation for Economic Education. It is about 70 years old, and already some people are beginning to flake off. Not much patience.

I'm not saying you have to stay with the party—it's pretty much of a bust, already, or any other single effort. You don't need a group to be an individual. Just try to do something every day to enhance your freedom. The place to begin, I think, is to remove the belief in a moral obligation to pay for bombing pregnant widows and 10-year-old goatherds.

Taxation is theft.

Taxation is slavery.

Taxation is the fuel of war.

It gives them another reason to live their lives through us.


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