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Number 848, November 22, 2015

Waiting is a tactical disadvantage,
but it's the good-guy's burden.

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Unroll The Scroll
by L. Neil Smith

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During the period, a few years ago, when I was working daily with Aaron Zelman, founder and director of the civil rights organization Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, I was surprised to learn that the Torah, the principal Jewish holy book, we are warned "If a man comes in the night to kill you, rise up quickly and kill him first."

In the Christian Bible, Jesus, a thoroughly Jewish rabbi who was not the pathetic pacifist metrosexual he's so often represented to be, tells his apostles to sell their cloaks if necessary, and buy a sword. You can almost hear the voice of Tommy Lee Jones advising Robert Downey Jr., "Lose that nickel-plated sissy-pistol, and get yourself a Glock."

This past week, the murderous criminal actions in Paris, France of the gang that calls itself ISIS have been at the forefront of almost everybody's thoughts. Conservatives express a desire to turn various spots in the middle east into lakes of molten glass. Liberals have somehow come to the twisted conclusion that raping and killing hundreds of helpless, unarmed people is a cry for help. Elected and appointed officials in Europe, including the head of Interpol are publicly rethinking their attitudes toward privately owned and carried firearms.

Is there a similar response going on in the United States? Has reality finally caught up with the victim disarmament set? On the contrary, what just happened in Paris constitutes proof, somehow, that America needs more gun control. Yeah—like it needs a good case of hemorroids.

Barack Hussein Obama, for example, faux President of the United States, has stated that the first priority of his last year in office will be "gun control"—by which he has clearly indicated, in remarks about not-so-Great Britain and Australia, he means mass confiscation by executive order. Inevitably, people are going to die, but not Barry, surrounded as he and his family are by heavily-armed government thugs. We will all be left to wonder if the man's stupid, evil, or insane.

Hillary Clinton, to whom talk show host Jimmy Lakey refers as "everybody's ex-wife" or "the ex-wife you never had" insists that more "gun control" is called for, and that the Paris killings of unarmed innocents by armed evildoers prove it. The fact is, bullies prefer things easy, and if these punks were confronted by even a couple of armed individuals, they'd shrivel like bacon. I read the statement online of one idiot who has no experience of guns, self-defense, history, or human nature, to the effect that handgun self-defense is impossible against miscreants with rifles, and I think back to Pam Gellar's art show where one man with a Glock stopped two guys with AK-47s.

The one and only problem I can think of with arming everybody and letting them, free marketwise, take care of defending themselves and the country is that our adversaries, the self-declared enemies of Western Civilization, look forward to a fantastic afterlife and actually want to die in the act. If you were too successful at self-defense, they might flock to you as a reliable source of martyrdom.

That's where "anthropological warfare" comes in. This particular enemy has a horror of (or at least a strong aversion to) pork products. In 1857, the Sepoy Rebellion against British rule came about because Moslems were told, by Russians, it's believed, that the rifle cartridges the native troops had to bite the ends off were treated with pig fat (Hindus were told it was beef—in fact, it was bee's wax.)

England suddenly lost its colonial army.

At the beginning of the last century, General John J. "Blackjack" Pershing fought a Moslem enemy, the Moros, in the Philippine Islands by burying dead enemy leaders in pig carcasses. You may approve of Pershing's imperialism or not, his tactics were effective. Elsewhere I have recounted my own thoughts on the strategic use of hog urine. Our modern ammunition is not lubricated the same way it was in the 19th century, but that wouldn't stop us from carrying our spare cartridges (or at least saying that we do) in bacon bandoliers and posting this sign:


Our culture's response to what happened in Paris can be divided in two parts: militarily, we must think sideways, and avoid collateral damage because it's immoral (conservatives dance around this point) and creates more enemies; that's how we got in this mess. ISIS has stupidly made enemies of Russia, Red China, India, Europe, and America.

They are going to be squashed.

The second part is domestic. I believe that repealing all victim disarmament laws will take care if the problem easily, casually. Let them come and find armed men and women behind every blade of Yamamoto's grass. It's time for the federal government to throw all of that .40 caliber ammo it bought off the back of the truck like surplus cheese.

Collateral damage is less of a worry face-to-face. When they slap leather on you, you must rise up quickly and kill them first if you can. Waiting is a tactical disadvantage, but it's the good-guy's burden.

To the limp-lobed, drooling, cowardly, incredible ignorant and stupid left, I say, please, please go ahead and surrender to the enemies of Western Civilization. I have every confidence the city streets will be less crowded afterward, and the parks more pleasant to use.

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