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Number 850, December 6, 2015

Grandmothers with guns

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Sean's Gun Rant: The Moderate Gun Owners
In memory of Neale Osborn

by Sean Gangol

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Note: I know that this tribute is long overdue, since Neale passed away last May. While I never knew Neale personally, he had made mention of my articles on several occasions and at one time had named me as one of his favorite contributors. I wanted to do some sort of tribute to the man, but I wasn't sure what to say since I didn't really know him. When I got the idea of writing about the folly of so- called "moderate gun owners" I thought about all the articles that Neale used to write and it seems like this one would have been right up his alley.

If there is any issue that the freedom movement has been gaining more ground on in the recent years, it is The Second Amendment. It seems as if fewer Americans are supporting victim disarmament policies like they did twenty-years ago. The anti-gun side would tell you that people actually do support these policies and that it is the evil NRA that is stopping them from becoming law. Though in reality it is likely due to all the people who chose to arm themselves during the nineties and came to the realization that as the old Robert Heinlein quote goes "An armed society is a polite society." It also helps that the mainstream media doesn't have the same monopoly over information as it once did.

Yet we still have people who just don't get it. The people who annoy me the most aren't even the anti-gun zealots, but the so-called "Moderate Gun Owners." At least with the anti-gun side I have come to expect them to keep regurgitating the same nonsense that got debunked decades ago, since they don't seem to have any real arguments. Whenever I hear a fellow gun owner spout the same crap, I look at them the same way that I would look at a Jewish person who would march with the Nazi Party or as Larry Elder once put it "a chicken that roots for Colonel Sanders."

Usually these moderate gun owners come in two varieties. One of them claims to be a former gun owner in a similar way that one claims to be a former libertarian. Usually they will repeat the same straw man arguments of the anti-gun side, like the old "you can't hunt deer with an AR-15, since it will shred him down to nothing." I find this argument so laughable because it actually reveals the utter ignorance of the person making this argument. It shows that this person doesn't know the difference between automatic and semi-automatic, which doesn't help their credibility because even first time gun owners should know the difference between the two. Also, I find it hard to believe that they wouldn't know that people hunt with various forms of AR rifles. Though there are some shooters that would say that AR's that use .223's are better suited for smaller game due to the lack of punch behind the round.

There was one particular article, which I think came from (I haven't been able to find the article again) written by a man who claimed that he was a former gun owner who enjoyed target shooting. He claimed that after having disagreements with his fellow shooters over Obama, he decided to sell his guns and give up shooting. I don't know about you, but that seems pretty extreme to give up something that you love doing, just because you don't agree with your fellow shooters. Hell, most of the guys who frequent the same gun ranges that I do would probably disagree with at least half of my beliefs. Of course, what really made me doubt this man's narrative, is when he described shooting a .22 caliber pistol. This is the only time that I have ever heard of anybody experiencing recoil from a .22. The article reminded me of the Recovering Libertarian articles, where a left-winger claimed to be a former libertarian, but seemed to know nothing about his former ideology.

Unfortunately there are real owners who do support victim disarmament policies. I have known a few of them myself. These Moderate Gun Owners don't seem to understand why those who are serious about gun rights are so uncompromising. I remember this one particular guy who worked in the hunting section of a sporting goods store that I worked in, who couldn't understand why anybody would need an "assault weapon." Then there are some who think that anti-gun side will never try to take their deer hunting rifles or their shotguns that they use to hunt geese. I guess I have to be the one to burst their bubbles by telling them that their hunting rifles have been labeled by the anti-gun side as "Sniper Weapons" that fire "Cop Killing" ammunition. I'm not sure if they have a special name for their shotguns, but give them time. They don't seem to realize that the victim disarmament crowd will never be satisfied. Even if they were able to ban every last gun in existence it still wouldn't be enough for them. That is why we will never gain anything from compromising. We just lose more of our Second Amendment rights, piece by piece. What the Moderate Gun Owner doesn't realize is that there are greater things at risk, then the ability to hunt

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