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Number 850, December 6, 2015

Grandmothers with guns

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Rumblings of World War III: Bait & Switch Scapegoats
by Jeff Fullerton

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It finally happened this week: America's version of the Paris Attacks—the San Bernardino shootings as a husband—wife team went on a shooting spree killing 14 at last count and now the authorities are having a field day with the discovery of a house filled with weapons and bomb making material. And the gun grabbers are beating the drums aggressively for more restrictions on firearm ownership.

The barbarians are inside the gates: therefore we should all disarm and become as helpless as the Europeans, the Australians and the Japanese. That way the terrorists can do some of the Progs' dirty work in achieving targets for population reduction and a lower carbon footprint.

The mantra of the Progs is that we should starve, freeze and be killed by barbarians, criminals and wild beasts of the Earth. For in their mind it is we who are the real enemy. The administration and its fellow travelers have been going to great lengths to convince people that the Tea Party and the head of the National Rifle Association are terrorist too. That after efforts to cover up the identity and religious background of the shooters failed. Or attribute it to "workplace violence" like the Fort Hood Shooting and others. Even the mainstream media are using the M word. Or saying "Islamist". The cat is out of the bag so now it's a game of bait and switch scapegoating in which they try to attach the names of pro-liberty organizations to the deal to be had when the nation is under martial law and a wartime command economy is in effect.

And war is coming. As in total war.

The rumblings of World War III are in the air. And politicians and career bureaucrats and anyone else looking forward to the prospect of cashing in on the crisis couldn't be happier.

War is of course the health of the State; the old proverb goes. And a central planner's wet dream. And as I have mentioned before on my last article and a few previous ones; it is a golden opportunity for politicians to default on promises made and escape accountability for their failures because war—especially total war is a big time game changer and it is easy to hide things in the fog and confusion of war. There is also that other ancient Chinese proverb that goes with "Interesting Times. The one that defines crisis as opportunity. Or the modern equivalent so loved by progressives: don't let a good crisis go to waste. The urgency of war is a blank check for getting things done. It is small wonder that politicians like Woodrow Wilson are notorious for running on the promise of keeping us out of war and then transition so easily into the role of wartime presidents. Some of you remember LBJ and Vietnam. Or Bill Clinton wagging the dog in Iraq to deflect attention from his scandals. Or Barrack Hussein Obama who like Woodrow Wilson ran on ending the wars in 2008 and then got us into two more going into the 2012 election and currently appears to be setting things up for his party to retain power by getting us into a big one going into 2016.

Because you can't change horses in the middle of a stream. But recently an acquaintance who was apparently not a big fan of the current President or his party said "Oh yes we can"!

But will it matter—let alone be better? Hearing Glenn Beck and others on talk radio declare that we need a wartime President as of Friday on the drive to work I am beginning to wonder. Given the quality of candidates on both sides of the isle it still keeps begging the question: where's Winston Churchill? So far he continues to be MIA. At least as far as the USA goes.

On the other hand overseas there is the leader of the UK Independence Party Nigel Farage who has been quite the thorn in the side of the European Union for the past several years that he has been raising hell in the EU parliament. Mostly over the dictatorial tendencies of the organization and its infringements on the sovereignties of the member states during the various debt crises of this decade. Recently he's begun to weigh on on the refugee crisis and follies of government sponsored mass migrations of Third World populations to First World countries.

Then there is the leader of France's National Front party Marine Le Penn who in addition to being much more pleasant than Hillary Clinton—and easier on the eyes too—appears genuinely concerned about the well being of her nation. This "girl" may be the next Joan of Arc.

And Nigel Farage could be the next Winston Churchill.

With a delightful sense of humor to boot!

In addition to the mess that German Chancellor Angela Merkel's invitation to Syrian refugees has made of Europe—Farage points out that there may also be a renewed ambition on the part of Germany to position itself as a resurgent superpower via the EU at the expense of other member states. Like Otto Von Bismarck in drag. Which is probably better than our own Hitler in drag running on the democratic ticket. But it does not look good and there is also a resurgent Neo Nazi movement in Germany as hordes of skinheads and "Hooligans" take to the street in reaction to hordes of militant Muslim immigrants on the march. All the while Germany is in the process of rearming


Talk about interesting times!

This is probably not the resurrection of Nazi Germany in the making- but rather a generic version of the modern managerial state on steroids that just wants to remain in business so it can continue to regulate the arcane matters of day to day life such as what flowers people are allowed to grow and such.


My prediction: the EU might use the nazis as an excuse for a crackdown and then throw the Muslims out to placate the people once they've served their purpose and also for the sake of security; especially if they end up at war with Russia and a rising Islamic State.

Which could be the ultimate bait and switch. Given the apparent insanity of it all you have to wonder.

Russia is apparently instigating the Neo Nazis to create instability in Europe to weaken the western alliances. That was always a big source of their paranoia—fear of the Central Powers—Prussia and Germany which was what the occupation and division or Europe during the Cold War was partially about. Merkel is putting it back together like Vladimir Putin is trying to put together the old Soviet Union or a new Russian Empire. Ironically the nazis could be more a catalyst than the end product of those plans.

At least that's where my thoughts lead in the current rumblings of World War III.

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