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Number 854, January 10, 2016

Why are you outraged? Didn't our short-sighted
ancestors set us up for this kind of thing two
and a half centuries ago when they got rid of
a monarch without getting rid of monarchical practices?.

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Bless His Heart
by A.X. Perez

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

God Bless Barack Obama! He is going to use his executive authority to issue new gun control regulations. God bless him.

Okay Mr. Perez, this is obviously a Crazy Al letter. Why would anyone who claims with any kind of honesty to support gun rights bless Mr. Obama for announcing executive orders to enforce gun control? Because this makes it that much clearer that the election of 2016 is about victim disarmament vs. gun rights. This improves the chances that gun rights becomes the one issue on which there is no compromise. Taxes, welfare, reproductive rights, all negotiable. But on guns the Democratic Party will not make a deal, they will be pushing for a ban of all private ownership period.

Because the American people do not want a ban. They want guns out of the hands of psychopaths and criminals. They may have fallen for the assault weapon lie. But when push comes to shove, all but the most foolish want to have guns to protect themselves and loved ones and are willing to admit that all other decent honest people should have the same right.

The Democrats are being cornered into a position of openly calling for all the people to be disarmed even if it means requiring us to submit to robbery, rape, and murder. The rush to establish who is the most antigun, President Obama's anticipated executive orders, all push us in that direction. And if they have to run on that platform, that bluntly stated, they will lose.

Of course, they may try to convince the American people that welfare benefits, political correctness, Obamacare, and second rate schools being watered down to third rate are worth being left without the tools to defend themselves and loved ones. But somehow, I think having the tool to fight off assailants is more attractive to most Americans than free medical help after being assaulted.

So God Bless Barack Obama for making the issue clear.

[Later] I just read exactly what Mr. Obama's flacks in the MSM claim he is going to do. If I read it right, basically he is going to get rid of the Slick Willy year program executed by BATF of stripping people selling low numbers of guns of their licenses.

Maybe someone should tell him.

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