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Number 856, January 24, 2016

We live in a moral leper colony.

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Why Isn't That Bitch In Jail?*
by L. Neil Smith

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For just short of 40 years, as they climbed the political ladder to world domination, William Jefferson Blythe Clinton and his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, have been associated with a trail of corpses—both their friends and their enemies; they don't discriminate—outrageous lies, rapes, questionable deals, misdemeanors and high crimes that make them seem like characters out of the Italian Renaissance.

Roll over, Lorenzo de Medici.

Since the beginning of this Presidential election season, back around 4004 B.C., Hillary's criminal activity has made the news almost every day. By the time it ends, nobody is going to like the outcome, no matter how it turns out. From a "businessman" who uses the power of government to steal your land for his own use, to a tired old commie who's risen higher in America than any of his fellow Bolsheviks, to a pack of religious cooties who want the state to hijack your wife's, your girlfrind's, your daughter's, your sister's, your mother's internal organs and use them for their own purposes, America has been slimed.

Swinging the bucket, and slinging the slime as enthusiastically as any of her fellow vermin, is the former Secretary of State who deliberately let an outpost be attacked, and four American public servants die (after being raped by various objects, as we're learning is the delight of our current enemy), and then lied about it, as she has lied about everything else since before the murder of Vincent Foster.

Vince has always been my candidate for the True Father of Chelsea Clinton, and Hillary herself for the coveted title of Miss Praying Mantis.

Future historians will look back on this period and shake their heads.

I once had a friend who went to prison simply because he refused to raise his hand, step forward, and agree to a violation of the Thirteenth Amendment. (For my younger readers, that means he failed to comply ceremonially with the Vietnam military draft—Ayn Rand was as right about this as she was about so much else: my friend's real "crime" was withholding the consent of the victim.) I have a couple of friends who went to jail because they were homosexual. I even had a friend, a sheriff's deputy, who was imprisoned because he "borrowed" a Thompson Submachine Gun from the department arsenal and took it out shooting in the countryside. I have known a jailbird or two in my time. I consider myself extraordinarily lucky not to have become one, myself.

These were all decent human beings, I assure you. The salient fact about each one, I guess, is that they were not the cranky wife of the Attorney General of Arkansas or of the Governor of Arkansas. They were not the First Lady of the United States, a United States Senator, or the Secretary of State. Of foremost importance, none of them possessed incriminating dossiers snatched from a safe of the Master Blackmailer himself, J. Edgar Hoover, virtually the moment he finally fell off his perch.

I don't suppose we should be surprised. We live in a country where a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is of such low character that he can be bribed or threatened into distorting the course of history, and betraying everything America has been supposed to stand for. We live in a country where the conservative ruling party can't seem to elect a House Speaker or a Senate leader who isn't a closet Marxist.

We live in a moral leper colony.

For the life of me (and everyone I care about), I can't see any way out of this mess. With trillions of dollars flying around loose, and various politicians and movies stars flying around as well—to luxury vacations on the Island of 14-Year-Old Sex Slaves, what can be done? I suspect most people simply wish they had a bushel of that money, or half a dozen of those compliant human toys. I am not a Puritan, as anyone who knows me will attest, but whatever happened to America?

Power happened to America, political power, and it will probably take half a century to undo the damage it's done and rebuild. At 69 years of age, I won't see it happen, but I can point out some guideposts. It is possible to pass legislation the Establishment doesn't want passed. Write a stringent, Draconian Penalty Clause to the Bill of Rights. Enforce it. That cause is worth dedicating a life to.

Follow the advice I gave a decade ago in my speech "The Empire of Lies". Make lying—or especially covering up the truth—by any public employee, at any level, a capital offense. Make the penalty public hanging without a bag over the head. No more secrets, no more lies.

Resurrect the Bill of Rights and enshrine it as our culture's sacred central document. Make a religion of it, if you have to. Historically, "great" religions have been founded on vastly stupider premisses.

To the Bill of Rights, add the Zero Aggression Principal, the greatest philosphical idea ever conceived. Bind the government to it irrevocably.

There you have the foundation for a new Libertarian Party, a new, peaceful, prosperous, genuinely progressive America. If you have any questions, consult my Down With Power. Being free isn't rocket science, It isn't brain surgery. It's just a matter of having the guts to fight for unadulterated liberty, and to stick Hillary Clinton and her slimy ilk where they truly belong. Alcatraz is nice this time of year.

* Many thanks to my wife Cathy for suggesting this topic—at the top of her lungs. I'm sure she speaks for millions.

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