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Americans Have Obeyed Their Last Gun Law
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Number 860, February 21, 2016

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McAffee for President?
(The Feature Article)

Grand Nagus!
Grand Nagus!

Republicans have no plan; they have no
program, not even Newt Gingrich's cheesy
”Contract with America.“ If Republicans
lose in November (and we wind up with a
President Sanders), this will be the reason.


The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 7 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from Eric Oppen, Cody R Wilson, Kevin L. O'Brien, Jeff Fullerton, and Sean Gabb

McAffee for President?
by Albert Perez
In December of 2015, a couple of Islamic extremist terrorists murdered fourteen of their friends and co-workers at a Christmas party in San Bernardino, California, and were later killed in a gunfight with authorities. Their smartphones and computers were seized as evidence and are being scrutinized for the identities of their confreres and information concerning any possible plots to carry out more attacks. These are fully appropriate goals for the Federal authorities.

"Anarchists, "Government Lists" the "Real World" and The "Rule of Law"
by Sean N. Gruber
There are probably better or more extreme examples of "government" Tyranny than merely being labeled an "enemy combatant'" or placed on "a no fly list" or considered a "domestic terrorist." But what could be a better example of pure Dictatorial, Autocratic, Thuggery than some random Pig, "Bureaucrat" or "Judge", unilaterally choosing to deny one a "Concealed Firearms Permit?" (Derrick J. Freeman.) Or perhaps one might be the victim of a decree that make's one suffer the indignity of being followed around by "federal marshal's" as one goes about making his living? It happened to Augustus Invictus. (Mr. Invictus is an Attorney. The FBI/DHS decided to consider him a threat -- for whatever reason -- they now require him to be "escorted" at all times in court buildings.) The point is, he did nothing. He never was, or has been, charged with a crime.

National Sovereignty or EU Membership: Which is the Least Bad Option?
by Sean Gabb
It is a point of orthodoxy among British advocates of the free market that Britain should leave the European Union. This is an orthodoxy that, between 1999 and 2001, I did much to impose on the Conservative Party. It is, however, an orthodoxy that I no longer fully accept. I do accept that the freedom and prosperity I want for my country are incompatible with membership of the European Union. What I do not necessarily accept is that we should walk away at the earliest opportunity. There may, in the next few years, be a referendum on British membership of the European Union. If it happens, I am not sure how I shall vote in this. But, if it were to happen tomorrow, I know that I would vote against leaving.

A Brilliant Idea! That's What We Need, A Brilliant Idea!
by L. Neil Smith
As our favorite writer and sage Robert A. Heinlein used to say about revolutions, every general election campaign is unique, a mutant, a freak. I have lived through seventeen of them (geez!), and I know.


It is always an exciting time when you fire up the old desktop and the anti-virus software says there is malware. But then it says it is fixing it, and it does. All clear.

On the other hand, this last week the temperature outside got up to 75-degrees! And that is on the middle of February and almost 6,000-feet above mean sea-level. It was only 70 inside! I opened the windows.

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