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Number 861, February 28, 2016

I do have a Presidential endorsement in mind,
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I'm confident they won't follow.

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Because They Made It About Guns
by A.X. Perez

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

A while back our publisher wrote an article entitled "Why Did It Have to Be Guns?"

The article explained why he was a single issue voter; if a candidate was pro-gun He enjoyed L. Neil Smith's support, if he was anti-gun our publisher opposed him.

Last December Barrack Obama announced that he would not support any candidate for office unless they support what he considers to be "common sense gun control." If I remember correctly, as a sitting President who is a member of the Democratic Party, Mr. Obama is the leader of the Democratic Party. Therefor if you are running for office as a Democrat you are bound by Party loyalty to support:

  • Background checks for almost all gun sales with the intent of creating a national gun registry, the purpose of which is to know where to go to seize people's weapons if and when.

  • Banning "assault weapons" and "large capacity magazines." Since the Australian model is recommended, this includes the confiscation of almost all semiauto and pump action rifles and shotguns by means of a forced buy back (" You can go further with a gun and a kind word than with a kind word alone." -- Alphonse Capone. Also "We'll make him an offer he can't refuse." -- Mario Puzzo. Yes, I am saying that gun control as supported by the current administration is flat out gangsterism.)

  • Banning people from buying guns based on their placement on a double top secret no fly list which they can't even know they're on until they are denied a seat on a plane (or in the future, the purchase of a firearm).

Since the Administration and the leading candidate for the Democrats to run for President support British and Australian models of gun control, the protection of your own life and of your family will no longer be considered sufficient reason to own a firearm.

Continuing the policy of denying firearms ownership to persons who have their finances handled through the holder of a power of attorney.

The idea that even if none of the above holds up gun ownership will be licensed, i.e., by government permission, and not a matter of right.

This is what every person running under the Democratic banner is bound by party loyalty to support. This is why I am voting against anyone running for office as a Democrat this year and until the Democratic Party refutes support for gun control as a condition of National Party support. This is why, even though I can only speak for myself, I advise you to vote the same way.

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