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Number 863, March 13, 2016

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Troublesom Priest
by A.X. Perez

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"Who will rid me of this troublesome priest?"

Mainstream Media wants Donald Trump to go away. The Republican leadership wants him to go away. The protesters who stopped him from speaking in Chicago sure as hell want him to go away.

The problem is they are the people who make him necessary. The Republican leaders totally disregarded their followers, blowing off the Pauls, portraying the TEA Party members as a bunch of ignorant racists and in fact doing all they could to push out everyone who wasn't from that movement, and finally for putting sabotaging Mr. Obama ahead of actually pushing any kind of agenda. (Most people reading this would have probably hated the GOP's agenda, but the point is they created a lack of vision that made Trump necessary.).

The media gave him his bully pulpit. I don't fault them for reporting his speeches and candidacy, but for "dumbing down" the public discourse. For example, when Trump spoke in favor of waterboarding all I could think was "fucking amateur." Please note that waterboarding was (is?) part of a long term detention. A skilled interrogator using hypnotics should be able to break a subject long before ther will to resist gives out. Hell, a really good interrogator probably doesn't need drugs. Did anyone call him on this? Instead we have a minimal shocked little old lady opposition and all the other candidates trying to prove they could be even harsher. Torture is immoral, but it is also relatively ineffective and the media has encouraged people not to think about the second point.

As for the mob, I'm surprised they weren't facing off against an equally boorish Trump mob. Left or right , the mob creates a demand for someone to control them either by suppressing them or leading them.

He's your priest. Don't like his sermon, go to a different church.

"The Donald" is the President of Jerry Springer's America. He's the Wrestlemania taken seriously candidate. He's what too many people deserve and the rest of us get.

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