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Gandhi on guns

What Gandhi really thought about guns

An interesting take on the complexity of Gandhi‘s positions on guns.

However, what the author neglected to mention is that Gandhi stood against immoral actions being perpetrated by a fundamentally good people.

Had he taken this stance against Stalin in Russia, Hitler in Germany, or Mao in China, he and his followers would have been bulldozed over—literally, if one takes the example of Tiananmen Square—and forgotten by history, individually and collectively.

TJ Mason

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Re: “Tell It Like It Is” by L. Neil Smith

Dear Editor:

L. Neil Smith wrote the following in the 3/13 edition of L. NEIL SMITH‘S THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE

Liberal “theory” today consists of nothing more than identifying some individual or group that has achieved something you envy, or possesses something that you want. Liberal “policy” consists of nothing more than calculating how to justify taking it away from you.

I feel compelled to point out that in many cases, usually involving those who want to control what other people do with or put into their own bodies, the ‘Liberals’ who wish to take something away from others will actually engage in the rather ironic tactic of accusing the OTHERS of being ‘Liberals’.

I'm pretty sure there is a moral there, but I am not sure what it is.

Ann Morgan

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Re: “A Creative’s Call to Arms” by Don Templeton

On March 10th, Kurt Nimmo wrote another article announcing a new FBI program based on Britian’s mass surveillance program. The FBI is instructing high schools all over the country to begin informing on students who appear to be “anti-government” or “anarchist” in their political beliefs.

Where I work you have teachers (at least one) who are openly anti-government, or at least critical of the government, and who encourage reduced government involvement in people's lives.

Welcome to Far West Texas.

A.X. Perez

[ Texas flag in the shape of Texas provided by Þe Old Editor—Editor ]

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