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Number 864, March 20, 2016

Matthew Quigley for President!

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The rights to life and liberty—as well as the right to property, which is one part of the “pursuit of happiness” proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence—are not possible without the right to self-defense.

Without the right to keep and bear arms, you do not have a right to life or liberty. You only have the privilege [recommend using “illusion” rather than privilege] of life and liberty—at the convenience of, and with the forbearance of, those villains who would assault you if you couldn‘t defend yourself, and those government officials who ineffectually claim they can defend you from behind their desks, or from behind the wheels of their police cars—miles away at the moment of crisis.

Anyone who says otherwise is at best incompetent and is more likely a patent fraud. That is not an opinion. Any other position is contrary to historical truth, to human nature, to natural law—and the explicit writings and sayings of the Framers and Founders. Any judge who says otherwise should be removed from the bench for incompetence; this includes Justice Brewer (for his fraudulent "minority opinion" on DC vs. Heller) and Judge Garland, the President‘s choice (another reason for his impeachment, anyone?) to replace Justice Scalia. As Jesus said, “Sell your cloak to buy a sword.”

Anyone who attempts to take your right to keep and bear arms—by teaching that the right doesn‘t exist, by attempting to legislate or rule that the right doesn‘t exist—would rather see you dead than to see you free. Remember that. They would rather see you dead than to see you free.

Among other things, socialists and progressives don‘t want you to have a right to property. And they frequently act as if they don‘t have much respect for your rights to life and liberty, either.

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