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Americans Have Obeyed Their Last Gun Law
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Number 864, March 20, 2016

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The American Zone
(The Feature Article)

Quigley for President
Quigley for President
About Time for a Straight Shooter
(picture from themoviedb.org)

Matthew Quigley for President!


The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 7 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from TJ Mason. Ann Morgan, and A.X. Perez

The American Zone
by L. Neil Smith
I‘m an idiot. You‘ve probably sat wondering exactly what the hairspray-headed round-heeled media, those news floozies and gentlemen of the evening have been yapping about when they fling political labels around that they, themselves, don‘t really understand, have pretty obviously never understood, and have no hope (or the requisite gray cells) of ever understanding.

by TJ Mason
The rights to life and liberty—as well as the right to property, which is one part of the “pursuit of happiness” proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence—are not possible without the right to self-defense.

More Denial
by Sean Gangol
Months ago I published an article titled “Denial” which discussed how certain people like to remain in a state of willful ignorance when it comes to the atrocities that were committed in the name of the very ideology that they claim to be morally superior to all others. I discussed the Nazi sympathizers who denied that the Holocaust ever happened, as well as the Japanese nationalist who like to deny or downplay the atrocities committed by their servicemen during the Second World War. Then there is the denial of certain people on the left that refuse to accept that Communism has done nothing but bring more oppression and genocide to the world. It wasn‘t until a few weeks ago that I realized that I forgotten about the infamous Armenian genocide perpetrated by the Turkish government.

by L. Neil Smith
I‘m not ordinarily very much for so-called “dirty little secrets”, unless they happen to be the kind of secrets that people mostly keep hidden from themselves. But this particular secret—so glaringly obvious in hindsight—helps to explain three things about American politics, and they are (A), why Democrats seem to do better than Republicans at the polls so often; and (B), why Donald Trump seems to be traveling at Warp Nine compared to his Republican compatriots, also (C), how it happens that he‘s easily beating Democrats at their own game. They all hate him hysterically for that.


Well, now. The... ah... un-nice people (see, I can be nice if I really want to!) are going at the “let us ban encryption and/or privacy once and for all” hooie again.

Bite back, my Fellow Americans, Encrypt!

If you use good old Mozilla Thunderbird, then all you need is Enigmail, which you can get from the “Tools, Add-ons, Get Add-ons” menu of Thunderbird or here. Follow instructions carefully (I didn‘t so I had to do it twice—don‘t be like me, pay attention instead!).

I used to PGP/GPG sign all my email, and encrypting it for those few people I had a public-key for. Then I stopped for some reason. Doing it again now.

For web-mail, protonmail.com looks real good, using standard GPG and for Android, iOS, and a universal web version. Or take a look at mailvelope.com and/or virtru.com

And there are lots more options: take a look at toptenreviews.com or just google “email encryption software” or something.

Or you could google “email encryption software or something” or something.

I‘ve just generated a nice new key-pair. See keyservers for editor@ncc-1776.org public key or import it from here.

Why should we all be using encryption on our emails? Because the “masters” don‘t like it, that‘s why!

In other news, I‘m sure you all have been laughing about the people trying to keep elections from selecting the most popular candidate—it‘s a laugh a minute here in what used to be america. A sad laugh, yes, but a laugh for sure. I mean, do the people who run The Washington Post, for example, think we are all complete idiots... or is it that they are? Kinda makes ya wounder, eh?

Trigger Warning: This issue of this magazine (like all the others) may contain:

Humor, Snark, Truth, Thoughts That Might Be Different Than Yours, Ideas You Never Thought Of, Things You Never Heard Of, and so on.

YOU have been WARNED! :-)

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