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Number 866, April 3, 2016

Well this could be it.

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The 1st Amendment Matters!
by Don Templeton

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

THE BIGGEST THREAT TO FREE SPEECH. EVER. ISLAM. Not radical Islam. Just Islam. All of it.

I used to be concerned that the graphic nature of some of the scenes in Pretty Hate Machine might be too over-the-top so as to strain the proper suspension of disbelief. I thought some of the things I was depicting were so far out of the norm to be jarring enough to get a reader to dump the story over the issue. I know now I should have never fretted. I can never come up with things that top what's going on in the real world right now.

Christian and Yezidi women raped to death by Mongol hordes of Muslim fanatics.

A Muslim nanny cuts the head off a 4-year-old Russian girl with a table knife and then parades around Moscow holding up the girl's head and yelling "Allah Akbar!"

A Catholic priest crucified upside down on Easter while children are blown apart at another Easter event by Muslim suicide bombers.

Hurtling homosexuals from high-rise rooftops for being homosexual. This is the dual logic of Islam. Homosexuality is a sin but they're all a bunch of little boy buggering fanatics. They all need to throw themselves off the high-rises in Dubai because they're all guilty of that sin. The first thing the Muslim refugees did in Germany was bugger little boys in public pools and then go swim like they'd done nothing wrong. Back home, this sort of thing is just everyday life. Little boys are the pleasure dome in the Middle East.

The Left in America are aiding and abetting Islam in the West, to take the place of what we've got. That means you better put bags on your women's heads or they are fair game for the Muslim rape gangs looking for girls to put the fear of Allah into. For 30 hours straight like they did to a 14 year old Russian girl in Germany. But they made the mistake of not killing her. Once her kinfolk saw what they did to the girl, the Russians when to Muslim town and beat to death all they could get their hands on. The Russians don't put up with that shit.

Muslims are burning Christians to death for being Christian. It's not the Dark Ages we're talking about here. This is happening TODAY. ALL OVER THE WORLD. It is being perpetrated by MUSLIMS. Only Muslims are doing these acts today. And the American Left is in lock step here doing their ablest best to see that the Muslims do to America what they've done to Europa.

This isn't a problem of a few crazy fundamentalist Muslims.

Frightening majorities of "moderate" Muslims believe a woman should be stoned to death for being raped. It's that dishonor to the father thing. All Muslims believe that non-believers should be put to death. A majority of Muslims believe that women who don't conform to Islam are fair game for every sexual brutality to include horrifyingly cruel deaths on the tail end. Muslims believe that the world will be ruled by Islam and those who don't submit (Islam is Arabic for submission) will be killed, or raped first and then enslaved and then killed. That's the future of the world according to "moderate" Islam.

I don't know about you but I'm going to tell these fanatics to go fuck themselves.

The jihadi trash currently being imported and tucked away in backwaters districts by the Obola Administration needs to understand one thing. America isn't Europe. And if you scum want a fight, the Colonies will give you one.

The Muslim Jihad in America is about to be introduced to the French word for defeat: Waterloo.

The Muslims will be violently opposed here in a their attempts to impose Sharia Law via terrorism and then once the holy warriors have been vanquished, the New Nuremburg Trials will begin for all the political traitors that allowed this evil importation in the first place.

All the social justice warriors will be culpable for war crimes committed on Americans by the Jihadi Trash of Islam. Be careful what side you pick in this bar fight. Picking the wrong one will have far reaching ramifications for the interlopers.

"You Want A Fight? YOU GOT ONE!"

The line is drawn. BFP dares the social justice "warriors," the politically correct, The radical Islamic trash invading with tacit cooperation of the Obola Administration, the rabid leftist haters of humanity to cross this line.

You want to outlaw free speech?
Welcome To The Blue Falcon Press Fight Club

It's time to start putting hands on these people. Not in the streets. No. MMA style. Get them into the cage. One at a time. You want to shut me up, punk? Get in the cage.

The regressive left can have my free speech when they can get into a locked cage with me and bare knuckle kill me for it. Obviously, there won't be many takers. But I'm not going to wait for the phone to ring. I'm going after the BIG FISH, not the college punk small fry. I'm calling out the world's three biggest threats to Free Speech and a Free Internet: >b?Any Radical Jihadi domiciled in the USA, Mark Zuckerberg and Georgie Satan Soros. As an after thought, I want that Benedict Arnold with a Marco Rubio-style Bubble Bath Gay Orgy Problem, too. Glenn Beck.

Come on. Let's get in the ring, tough guys. You first, Zuckerberg. It would be a dream come true to be able to beat you like a gong in a locked cage battle.

Zuckerberg Sucks

Look at this freak tending his vegetable garden. It's even more sickening to know how many drooling social media addicts there are out there that can't wait to plug into Zuckerberg's Matrix. BFP calls for the immediate boycott of Facebook. Unplug. Delete your page. If everyone stopped using Facebook tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, Zuckerberg will be living in a refrigerator box under the Santa Monica Freeway. That's a good place for this fascist traitor to humanity to end up. So we can all drive by and spit on him.

When Zuckerberg dodges the locked cage match I'm proposing, I'll have to send the invitation to the Hungarian Ghoul himself, Georgie Satan Soros.


Come on, Soros, if you still have the lead in your pencil to mock sacrifice children at Bohemian Grove, you can take on a 52-year old pulp novelist and I'll even tie both hands behind my back to give you an incentive.


Glenn Beck. Metrosexual dirt bag. The Mormon Church should be ashamed of this shill but the Mormon Church is probably no different than the Catholic Church when it comes to looking the other way for rampaging sexual deviances. Beck, you pine on about how pious you are. The ones who shout their righteousness the loudest are usually hiding something really bad in the basement. It would be truly painful to watch how badly you'd fare in any sort of hand-to-hand combat with a girl scout let alone a 52-year old pulp novelist like me. You're a phony, fake, disgusting pansy, Glenn. Just like your fellow travelers on the Left.

The Left are, at the core, nothing but blowhards and cowards. The shutdown of Free Inquiry and Free Speech on Amerika's college campuses by the intellectual fascism of PC must be opposed and crushed. These programs running amok on campus and in the streets are FUNDED by Zuckerberg and Soros.

Get off your knees, America, and get in these peoples' faces.

No Quarter.

No Surrender.

"You buy the ticket, you take the ride, punk." — Jack "Blackjack" Carnahan





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