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Number 866, April 3, 2016

Well this could be it.

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Keeping the Faith for Liberty
by Jeff Fullerton

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The thing I love most about crocuses and other early blooming flowers is the way they represent brilliant colors and hope in a winter bare landscape of hopelessness.

Lately I find myself fallen a little out of touch with current events. In part because I'm a bit distracted by personal interests and issues. Much like in the 1996 election cycle as mentioned before in a few past articles. Was enjoying a nice early spring showing of flowering bulbs planted last fall and aside from a few minor problems my animal collection has been relatively trouble free. On top of a winter that has been relatively kind to the region. With the coming of spring there also comes rising hope of an enjoyable season that I look forward to writing about and an election year that I—er—not so much.

At least not as far as entertaining any great white hopes for—though there is some potential for politics as a casual spectator sport like it was back in 96. In other words—between Ted, Hil, Don and Bernie- the Nation is looking more and more screwed. Maybe not as bad as the Alien vs Predator scenario—but it looks as if we are going to be in for a bad time no matter who wins. And our only hope is to hang on and persevere. And keep the faith for Liberty as in the kind that the Founders intended which people who call themselves Libertarians ought to aspire for and articulate.

El Neil's recent articles considering the Zero Aggression Principle as the heart and soul and a whole bunch of other things of Libertarianism sounds like the only thing we have going for us right now in these dark times for individual liberty. It is really what the Libertarian Party needs to embrace if it is not to become another Whig Party without even getting as far as the Whig Party. By embracing the ZAP- any political movement will set itself apart from all the others. But instead it seems much of what passes for Libertarianism these days is more inclined to the site I found this week:

6 Reasons Libertarians should reject the Zero Aggression Principle

Or better yet—6 ways Libertarians can go astray!

Two in particular embody the slippery slope upon which Liberty will inevitably founder and die. One: Prohibits small harms for large benefits brings to mind the Younger Pitt's historically famous decree: "Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom—" and another one is essentially a rehash of the infamous one invented by the oxymoronic progressive-liberals that "it's for the children". And I can also think of a good C.S. Lewis quote concerning how those who want to torment us for our own good will end up tormenting us without end. That line of thinking was how we lost so many of our freedoms and it's hardly going to get any of them back.

The big problem with the Libertarian Party is the same problem with the Tea Party. Which is the mindset that led the latter to shag its tail and try to push Mitt Romney over finish line in 2012 after the GOP systematically destroyed all of their favored picks. All in the name of winning being everything but what are you winning if the people and issues you end up fighting for do not represent your core values? How can you be fighting for freedom when the candidates you help get into power have no intention of setting you free?

This time around it seems like the Tea Party has done better in pushing a candidate that represents their values and so far see Donald Trump for who he truly is. Ted Cruz may or may not be a true champion of Liberty but Trump hardly is. And we know pretty much what the other two are. Trump appears to be the stronger of the two candidates vying for the GOP ticket and he might even beat Hillary without the Tea Party or even our help. The Peggy Noonan article linked in a previous edition of this journal on the Rise of the Unprotected brings to mind an article I read and clipped from the locals paper circa 1995 that foretold of a future time in which the class of people known as the working poor would be brought together by their mutual frustration over their diminished prospects and we would all be in for a rough time.

Well this could be it.

Obama the Left wing plebeian tyrant was a bust. So maybe they'll try a Right wing version. Regardless it will be an interesting and amusing time to watch the republican establishment get pummeled. Maybe time to kick back and grab that Bud and some popcorn like Quinn suggested the day after the 2012 Erection. As we make like Atlas and shrug. Enjoying life along the way as best we can while taking the long view and keeping the faith for Liberty.

It's better than selling out our core values and getting nothing in return anyway. I'm tired of that. I don't want to do it anymore.

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