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Number 866, April 3, 2016

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You Can't Fight a Culture War
If You Ain't Got Any Culture

(The Feature Article)

by Jeff Fullerton

Well this could be it.


The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 7 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from David Tharp, Paul Koning, TJMason, George Miller, and A.X. Perez

You Can't Fight a Culture War
If You Ain't Got Any Culture

by L. Neil Smith
The news was very bad the day I started writing this speech. Not in the traditional "Old Media"—where there's never anything but bad news (mostly government threats and lies which it's their principal function to convey to the populace)—but in the only source of good news in the Known Galaxy, the internet.

The 1st Amendment Matters!
by Don Templeton
THE BIGGEST THREAT TO FREE SPEECH. EVER. ISLAM. Not radical Islam. Just Islam. All of it. I used to be concerned that the graphic nature of some of the scenes in Pretty Hate Machine might be too over-the-top so as to strain the proper suspension of disbelief. I thought some of the things I was depicting were so far out of the norm to be jarring enough to get a reader to dump the story over the issue. I know now I should have never fretted. I can never come up with things that top what's going on in the real world right now.

E-Book Round Up: Small Government My A**
by Sean Gangol
After another one of my searches through the NOOK store, I came across the title, Small Government My A**: Things Conservatives Say & Do That Aggravate Libertarians and was attracted by its bluntness. It was written by Kevin Loesch a former conservative who later became a libertarian. If you can't already tell by the title, Loesch is basically calling out the conservatives on their hypocrisy. He does so in a very blunt and some would say in a profane matter. For those of you who don't like profanity, I would recommend skipping this book. Personally I have no problem with profanity, since it helps give a certain amount of flavor to the book and makes it much more entertaining to read. It is also refreshing to see a former conservative call out the hypocrisy of the right, which sometimes gets on my nerves more than the nonsense coming from the left. Though I did have a few disagreements with some of the examples that Loesch used.

Keeping the Faith for Liberty
by Jeff Fullerton
The thing I love most about crocuses and other early blooming flowers is the way they represent brilliant colors and hope in a winter bare landscape of hopelessness.


Our Mr. Smith is having ISP problems and stuff so this issue reprints his essay "You Can't Fight a Culture War if You Ain't Got No Culture", except for some reason he called it instead "You Can't Fight a Culture War If You Ain't Got Any Culture" which is almost the same thing, but not really. I mean, it is true that "ain't got no" means the same as "ain't got any" as far as it goes but nevertheless it isn't. Or something.

The "news" keeps getting worse (from bad to). Here's some news from "Zero Hedge", a website that has always impressed me as being not always reliable, but these days what is reliable? Anyway:

Wikileaks Reveals IMF Plan To "Cause A Credit Event In Greece And Destabilize Europe"

And this one is really good:

Why Anti-Authoritarians are Diagnosed as Mentally Ill
by Bruce Levine, PhD
It has been my experience that many anti-authoritarians labeled with psychiatric diagnoses usually don't reject all authorities, simply those they've assessed to be illegitimate ones, which just happens to be a great deal of society's authorities.

Americans have been increasingly socialized to equate inattention, anger, anxiety, and immobilizing despair with a medical condition, and to seek medical treatment rather than political remedies. What better way to maintain the status quo than to view inattention, anger, anxiety, and depression as biochemical problems of those who are mentally ill rather than normal reactions to an increasingly authoritarian society.
Read more

Story of my life!

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