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Number 867, April 10, 2016

"Clowns" is the only proper word for this
bunch, although "killer clowns" might be
more accurate and appropriate.

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Mr Blake's Latest Promotional Video (very short)

I may go into business, making videos for other authors!

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Sean Gabb

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Thought for the Day

Thought for the day (on the occasion of a reread of The American Zone):

Liberals started by saying that the use of deadly force in defense of "mere" property should be prohibited. Then by saying that its use in defense of liberty should be prohibited—at least when they represent the major threat to liberty, and when their taxes represent the major threat to property.

Now, by victim disarmament (which they call by the abhorrent euphemism "gun control"), they say that even the use of deadly force in defense of your life should be prohibited.

Such is the immorality of collectivism.

TJ Mason

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Global Warming I Wish!

It's Saturday the 9th of April and feels more like February. After a March that was more like May! The current temperature is right around freezing and won't get much higher. And if that were not bad enough, it's going down to 14 degrees tonight. I picked a helluva weekend to work on my plumbing project!


Would rather do it under better circumstances but it is sort of a now or never moment as Bruce is going for surgery in May and he has other projects too. It's going to be fun going into the spring vault to plug the line which has to be drained first before work can begin.

I'm sure they will still insist it's the warmest year on record. But it's nothing out of the ordinary. This happens all the time in Greater Appalachia.


Long day. The weather got even nastier but I managed to get into the spring vault and plug the pipe and then drained the line and with the help of Bruce the Historian I got my manifold hooked up and even got the kitchen sink running the again.


The project had more than a few unpleasant complications but at least I was not screwed or up the creek without a paddle. I have a renewed appreciation for plumbers and understand why their services are so expensive.

This in tandem with a glancing blow of the Polar Vortex looks worthy of another entry in the Norseman's Diaries but there is no time this weekend so it will have to wait until next issue. Then I'll be able to include the outcome tomorrow when Bruce returns and we finish the job.

And by then we'll have a full tally on the freeze damage to plants and such. Some of those have already taken a serious beating.

Global warming: if only!

Jeff Fullerton

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