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Number 868, April 17, 2016

We have a terminal case of government

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Vote Dumpster File 2016
by Mike Blessing

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Can there be any doubt that Dumpster Fire is head-and-shoulders above the other candidates in this election season

Do Hillary Trump and Donald Clinton have any hope of besting Dumpster Fire in any debate? We think not—that's why the Commission won't let Dumpster Fire participate in the upcoming debates.

Wouldn't you like to see Dumpster Fire on the debate stage?

We can say for certain—

  • Dumpster Fire will NOT raise your taxes, increase public spending, ban your guns, intrude into your bedroom or regulate your business affairs.

  • Dumpster Fire will NOT send your children, spouses or siblings overseas to fight other peoples' wars or to further the American Empire.

  • Dumpster Fire will NOT attempt to interfere in how Americans better themselves on their own.

  • Dumpster Fire does not seek to make you a criminal simply because of what you smoke, drink, or otherwise intoxicate yourself with.

  • Nor does Dumpster Fire seek to take your property to build a monument or national park, or to hand it off to some big donor for private profit.

  • Dumpster Fire has no desire to bail out financially insolvent corporations who say that they're "too big to fail." Nor will Dumpster Fire seek to subsidize corporations who make donations over their competition, nor to regulate those competitors out of existence.

  • Dumpster Fire will NOT bow to special interests to shut down politically incorrect industries.

Donations are cheerfully accepted from all entities, individual and corporate, behind most strip mall shopping centers in America. Preferred forms are paper, wood, plastic, rubber, styrofoam and flammable liquids. Donated Federal Reserve Notes will be rendered unusable as a result of being donated.

If you want to help the Dumpster Fire campaign, use these tags on Facebook, Twiiter and anywhere else hashtags will work:

#feelthefire #dumpsterfire2016 #votedumpsterfire

Feel free to like and share our Facebook page:

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