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Americans Have Obeyed Their Last Gun Law
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Number 868, April 17, 2016

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A Statement to the Stars
(The Feature Article)

Big Ten and Little Forty
Big Ten and Little Forty
(Glock 40 and Glock 23)
(10mm and .40 S&W)

We have a terminal case of government


The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 7 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from Paul Koning, Tim Bolgeo, Sean Gabb, Mike Blessing, and Jeff Fullerton

A Statement to the Stars
by L. Neil Smith
I am thoroughly sick and tired of thinking and writing about this election in the forlorn hope that some one of the candidates may be microscopically less evil, stupid, or insane than the others. Having done more than my share of political scribbling for the year, I am now turning my attention to a topic it actually makes me happy to think about, a subject that may even affect the future of the human race a hell of a lot more than what gink gets to live in the White House the next four or eight years and drop bombs on folks living half a world away.

Forget My Generation. It's the Millennials that Scare Me
by Sean Gangol
Back in 2007, I wrote a two part essay titled "Is There Hope" where I discussed the frustrations that I had when I tried reaching the people in my generation and convince them that freedom and not government was the answer to creating happiness and prosperity. At the time I thought there wasn't much hope for my generation. It's interesting how I can look back on my previous work and see not only how my writing has progressed, but to see how my opinions have evolved as well. I no longer think that my generation, which according to the information that I have gathered is Generation X, is the worst. Not by a longshot.

Vote Dumpster File 2016
by Mike Blessing
Can there be any doubt that Dumpster Fire is head-and-shoulders above the other candidates in this election season. Do Hillary Trump and Donald Clinton have any hope of besting Dumpster Fire in any debate? We think not — that's why the Commission won't let Dumpster Fire participate in the upcoming debates.

Norseman's Diaries: Global Warming I Wish—Update
by Jeff Fullerton
It was looking very grim for a while last week between the glancing blow of the dreaded Polar Vortex and the possibilities of whatever might go wrong with the job that could render my hot water heating system useless on an upcoming frigid night.

Gems From My InBox
by Ken Holder
ARE YOU TRULY DEAD? Dear Beneficiary, IRREVOCABLE COMPENSATION-PAYMENT ORDER VIA ATM CARD. We use this opportunity to confirm from you if really you have sent your Doctor as a representative. However, we received an email from one Dr.Mrs.Verani Bekti yesterday who told us that she is your private Doctor and next of kin and that you died in a car accident recently. Her contact details: Address: 110 Interglen Avenu, River Vale, New Jersey 07675 Beneficiary: Dr Mrs Verani Bekti Please confirm to us immediately that you know Dr Mrs Verani Bekti.


What happened to Spring? Up here in the mountains we had ice falling from the sky last night. Ice! Falling from the sky! Woo Hoo! What a country!

You know, I seem to spend an hour + every week updating my software. I like to see bugs fixed and new and better food additives features are okay unless they're just a change to existing features to make the software harder to use (not that that would ever happen!), but… an HOUR every week? Of course, my slow country network contributes to a lot of that. "Sorry, too far from the centeral office for higher speed" they say. (THEM!)

Reading some History, I came across this:

"…We who are as good as you, make you, who are no better than we, our king. And we will bear true allegiance if you observe our laws and customs; if not, not."
—The Aragon assembly, upon declaring Charles V King of "Spain", (i.e. Navarre, Valencia, Aragon-Castile, and Catalonia), January 23, 1516

There must be some way to include that in the Oath of Office for next Election Finality Inaguration Disaster Dipshit!

I have taken this opportunity to share with you a bit of my SPAM that I get in the old in-box. Enjoy. (Or something.)

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