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Number 869, April 24, 2016

Scatter the oligarchy to the four winds!

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Recently I was speaking to a person who supports "reasonable" gun control. The subject was the refusal of the Senate to debate, let alone approve, Barrack Obama's candidate to replace Antonin Scalia. This expanded into a polemic on my friend's part over the obstructionist tactics pursued by the current Congress against Mr. Obama's agenda. Having been frustrated by this at times myself when I felt that the current Congress was not so much pursuing Republican, conservative, and/or libertarian goals I kind of got it.

However, he said one thing that lost my sympathy, "They should do their job or resign." I pointed out that in this case they were doing their job, representing their constituents. For example, the NRA and other pro gun groups oppose this appointment. This opposition was partly expressed by their members signing and sending in petitions asking that their Senators help prevent the appointment of Merrick Garland because of his history of anti-gun rulings

This got him going on how the NRA is a group of greedy old men who only care about selling guns and don't care who gets hurt along the way. In his mind, and the minds of millions of other liberals/progressives, the NRA, as well as other right wing and libertarian groups, is a small lobbying group driven by greed. To them it is not an organization with 5 million members that claims to represent at least 47% of Americans in protecting their gun rights.

Hardly a small cabal of greedy old men. The right to keep and bear arms is an essential and intrinsic human right, a natural or God given right that can not be taken away even if only one person exercised it, let alone some hundred and fifty million people. In fact it supports a large minority's, if not a scant majority's, exercise of this essential right.

As long as the left can deceive itself about the size and makeup of the NRA and other right wing groups Mrs. Clinton can proclaim that the NRA is her enemy, pretending that she is not stating her spite for anywhere between one and a half to forty seven percent of the American population. She can talk about setting up an "offer you can't refuse" buy back program take seize the American people's weapons. She can make sure that people don't ask her how many people she is willing to kill to carry out her plans. She doesn't have to admit that she is good with killing you, oh gentle reader. or me.

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