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Number 873, May 22, 2016

How stupid do you have to be?

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Socialism Is Forever
by L. Neil Smith

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A few years ago, the great libertarian artist Scott Bieser and I collaborated on the design for an ideological poster that hasn't received even a single percentage of the attention it actually deserves.

You can find it yourself at, where it may even be available for sale. It consists of a pithy but grim three-word sentence spelled out in large, hollow letters; inside the letters of the first word are a great many all-too familiar left-wing faces, those of Karl Marx, V.I. Lenin, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler (yes, Hitler was a man of the left, a "National Socialist", in fact), and so on. I don't recall who else is represented there—certainly Franklin Roosevelt—but Bernie Sanders would be now, with Hillary Clinton along beside him. The third word is screened off by barbed wire: inside. many emaciated, tortured, barely-human dying, figures can be seen. The middle word is far too small to be "decorated".

The poster reads:


which is exactly what the foolish and unfortunate citizens of Venezuela are finding out right now. It is extremely hard (for me, anyway) to have much sympathy for them as they prepare the family cat for dinner, using charcoal on top of their former gas range. Socialism was a badly failed experiment long before they allowed the philosopher-thug Hugo Sanchez to turn what was once a beautiful, prosperous and (small p) progressive county into a Third World collectivist septic tank. He himself was lucky to escape into a prolonged and painful death. People are hungry there, now, and they lack the rudest of amenities, like toilet paper, for example. Ayn Rand lived through, survived, escaped, and told us all about this kind of thing in We the Living, when it happened in Lenin's Russia in 1917. George Orwell foresaw and told us about it, too. Incredibly, exactly the same kind of thing has happened in hundreds of different countries since then—as global warmist idiots love to blather, "the science is settled"—but nobody seems to be paying very much attention.

In 1917. How stupid do you have to be?

Back in the "bad" old days, before we unbelievably sicced a communist President on ourselves, we might well have done something assertive and shooty to liberate the poor folks of Venezuela, just as we rescued those of Grenada from the our new friends, the nasty old Cubans. I expect that about now, a pack of Cub Scouts could probably outfight the Venezuelan Army, busy as it is, stealing people's chickens. They do have lots of oil, down there. But we don't do horrible stuff like that any more, do we? So, I suppose that it's up to the Venezuelans to save themselves, before they start acquiring a taste for long pig, as they seem to have in the socialist punkocracy of North Korea.

Like I said, how stupid do you have to be?

For once, I have no course of political action to recommend. I have a short story deep inside me somewhere about what life is probably going to be like if the gray-cell-challenged among us manage to foist Bernie the Red or Hillary the Hideous off on the rest of us, but I have neither the heart nor the stomach to write it. It isn't pretty. They will be put in office by precisely the kind of voters that the Public School System was originally intended to produce by the millions, suggestible dolts totallyincapable of thinking abstractly. In short, Democrats.

As for the Republicans, they have even less excuse. The idea that Mitt Romney, in a pout because he was rejected by every organism in North America with a nervous system, would seriously consider dividing the anti-Hillary vote out of prep-school boy spite, makes me want to vomit all over his blazer and expensive shoes. I am no fan of Donald Trump (remember, I have endorsed John McAfee, but will be voting against the commies); let me repeat that: I am no fan of Donald Trump. But if he can remove the Woman-with-One-Eyebrow from our lives, I'm willing to take a chance. So he's going to turn every church in America into a casino? Or perhaps build a TRUMP cathedral in New York City?

Bring it on.

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