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Americans Have Obeyed Their Last Gun Law
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Number 873, May 22, 2016

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The Works (So Far) of L. Neil Smith

Socialism Is Forever
(The Feature Article)

Socialism IS Forever

How stupid do you have to be?


The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 7 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from Kristophr, A.X. Perez, and Sean Gabb

Socialism Is Forever
by L. Neil Smith
A few years ago, the great libertarian artist Scott Bieser and I collaborated on the design for an ideological poster that hasn't received even a single percentage of the attention it actually deserves.

The Eighteen
by Jim Davidson
The Libertarian Party is the third oldest (founded 1971) and third largest major political party in the United States. This year its presidential candidate is likely to be found on the ballot of all fifty states. The Libertarian Party has a tiny number of county level, active, party groups and, therefore, is unable to make any meaningful guarantees to its members or the voting public at large that votes cast for Libertarian candidates will be counted.

Norseman's Diaries Part I
The Return of Franklin & Revenge of the Vortex

by Jeff Fullerton
Been an interesting two weeks on my little spread in Greater Appalachia that is my refuge. Was not sure where to begin between the the crazy weather that goes back and forth between summer like warmth and chilly days more typical of early spring and a spectacular late spring flower show and other other good things that happen in spite. Lots of things blooming; from irises to wild azaleas and Ladyslipper orchids and I have been trying to get the remainder of my turtle flocks outside on a permanent basis in lieu of global warming that is not happening regardless of what authorities claim. And a few belly laughs along the way.

A Short Article About Short Stories
by L. Neil Smith
I don't write very many short stories. It helps to minimize the annual rejection letters. In 1967, after having my first two stories ("Payment in Gold" and "Retaliatory Force", featuring trouble-shooter Kimberly Bright and my prediction of .40 caliber pistols, both long lost to a flood) rejected by every SF magazine then in existence, I resolved only to write stories when I was invited to. Here is a list, as nearly as I can recall, of the LNS stories that have been published. Most of them are very short, but I think you'll you'll like them.


If you haven't read/voted go read What Shall I Write Next? by L. Neil Smith. (The unwritten short story mentioned in his article in this issue has been added to the list.)

I was reading John Wyndham's The Kraken Wakes (one of the best "Alien Invasion" stories), and I came across this:

"Doesn't it sometimes strike you as odd that all our governments who loudly claim to rule by the will of the people are willing to run almost any risk rather than let their people have arms? Isn't it almost a principle that a people should not be allowed to defend itself, but should be forced to defend its Government? The only people I know who are trusted by their Government are the Swiss...."

And a few pages later:

"...at times I get sick of putting up with all the shams and the humbug, and pretending that the lies aren't lies, and the propaganda isn't propaganda, and the dirt isn't dirt. I'll get over it again. Don't you sometimes wish that you had been born into the Age of Reason, instead of into the Age of the Ostensible Reason? I think that they are going to let thousands of people be killed by these horrible things rather than risk giving them powerful enough weapons to defend themselves. And they'll have rows of arguments why it is best so. What do a few thousands, or a few millions of people matter? Women will just go on making the loss good. But Governments are important—one mustn't risk them."
—John Wyndham, The Kraken Wakes

Yes. The Department of Homeland Security is not in the least interested in your security or mine, it is all about The Master's security. For example. You can think of many other examples, I'm sure.

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