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Number 874, May 29, 2016

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Voting and Complaining
by MamaLiberty

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Every election cycle, at least a few people tell me that if I don't "vote," I can't complain about the results. This has never made any sense at all to me, but this year it seems even more ludicrous than usual.

Now, let's see if that premise holds up.

If your neighbors get together and "vote" to burn your house down, and you don't vote against it, does that mean you are actually consenting to have your house burned? Why would that be? They will likely torch the place no matter how YOU vote, right? If that's what they want to do, a check mark on a piece of paper or an electronic tally won't mean anything, and won't stop them. And what difference would it make if you complained?

But that would be simple "democracy," and everyone knows you can't actually get anything done that way. Why, the neighbors might actually "vote" NOT to burn you out. (Not that they should have the option either way, of course.)

So, the democratic "republic" was born to put a layer (or many) between the homeowner to be burned out and all those who want to accomplish that. Think of a SWAT raid...

You know, the republic... the insane idea that people are too stupid and evil to control their own lives and property, but are wise and good enough to choose others to do it for them. Did you ever give much thought to how much of an oxymoron that truly turns out to be? Just look at the results of it for the last 200 years or more.

I'd say it was a self evident fact that nobody can logically or practically "represent" more than a few others, as in a client/attorney relationship. And what makes that work is that the attorney does his thing at the total discretion of the client and their representation is of a very limited nature... he can also be fired at any moment. Not so with politicians, of course.

Now consider the current "silly season" election nonsense dominating the "news" and much of the discussion everywhere. Which one of these cretins would you actually trust with your children, your wallet, your most personal information? Which one of these people are you willing to have dictate what you eat, drink, wear, drive or how you defend yourself and your family? Which one is actually qualified to control your job, health care, retirement preparations or ANYTHING ELSE in your life?

None of the above? Works for me.

I'm not complaining... I'm doing everything I can to protect myself from all of those the "voters" choose to control their lives, steal their productivity and murder their children. Seems to me that choosing a "lesser evil" is still choosing evil. I choose individual liberty instead.

Originally published on April 15, 2016 by MamaLiberty at The Price of Liberty

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