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All Lives Should Matter
by Sean Gangol

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

For those of you who haven't been keeping up, Black Lives Matter is an organization that has been gaining more traction with the mainstream media and the Democratic Party. The mission of this group is to address the problem of police brutality. It first came about after the infamous incident involving a police officer and a young man named Michael Brown. Many of you may remember the whole "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" mantra.

Lately, the organization has been using several incidents involving the shooting deaths of young black males as a rallying cry. This organization is starting to become so extreme that the democrats are afraid not to embrace their message. This organization disrupted a campaign speech of Democratic Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders by grabbing his microphone and taking over the stage. Another Democratic Presidential candidate, Martin O' Malley was practically booed off the stage because he dared to say that all lives matter. Now everybody is afraid to say that anything, but black lives matter. Just take a look at the democratic debate, where every single candidate made sure that it was black lives that mattered and not all lives.

I want to point out that I have never been an apologist for police brutality. Far from it. I don't like the way that many police departments have been militarizing so rapidly that they actually resemble paramilitary forces that you would find in a banana republic than actual law enforcement. I have major distain for cops who like to use Tasers on fourteen year old girls who break curfew or eighty-year old grannies for traffic violations. I remember this one particular case where a cop tasered a woman who yelled at her at a Best Buy over a credit card dispute. Then we have police departments that feel they have to use SWAT teams to raid dairies for selling unpasteurized milk.

It is also easy to understand why many libertarians like Jim Davidson and Christopher Cantwell (especially Davidson) aren't particularly fond of the police. First of all they are funded through what we libertarians like to call stolen funds or taxation as the statists like to call it. As Davidson once pointed out they also violate the Zero Aggression Principle whenever they are called to enforce laws that shouldn't even be on the books in the first place. Since law enforcement is one of the many wings of the government, it usually means that there will be little to no accountability in that organization.

That being said, we should still be very suspicious of organizations like Black Lives Matter. For one thing this organization isn't afraid to peddle false narratives, like in the case of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. As I mentioned earlier they used the whole "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" mantra as part of their rallying cry. This was supposed to be in protest of Michael Brown allegedly being shot dead while having his hands up. Through both forensics and eye witness testimony, this narrative was later proven false. When Officer Darren Wilson confronted Michael Brown for shoplifting cigars from a convenience store, Brown first tried to take Wilson's gun. Brown then tried to charge Wilson, even after being told several times to stop. Brown being the walking and talking Darwin Award that he was, refused to comply and was shot dead because of it. Even race baiter, Eric Holder was forced to admit that Wilson was acting in self-defense.

The problem is that Black Lives Matter and many organizations like it, continue to repeat this narrative despite it being a complete fabrication. If an organization is willing to use deception to push their agenda, then they can't be trusted. I also find it telling that they seem to believe that it's only young black males that are killed by police, when in reality more white males are killed by police. Yet, whenever somebody says that all lives matter, they try to shout that person down.

Recently there was an incident involving three white males that were trying to record a BLM protest. They were wearing ski masks, which wasn't that unusual since it was in Minneapolis, where just about everybody else outside was bundled up. Unfortunately, the BLM members at this particular protest apparently suffering from a severe case of paranoia, demanded that the white males take off their ski masks. When they refused, the protestors attacked them. After being hit several times the white men recording the protest took off running, while the protestors took it upon themselves to pursue the men. This resulted in the masked men drawing their guns and wounding five of the BLM members. The mainstream media has been trying to spin it as if the white males in this case where purposely trolling the protest. Even if that is true, it doesn't change the fact that the BLM members admitted that they had attacked a group of people who showed no aggression towards them. No matter how you slice it, the group of white males acted in self-defense. This incident actually revealed the thug like nature of this group, which is yet another reason to stay clear of it.

For those of you who may be tempted to join an organization like BLM because of some deep seated mistrust or hatred that you have of the police, you may want to reconsider. They seem to have their own agenda and they don't really seem too interested in actual police reform. Libertarians like Adam Kokesh had to learn that the hard way, when he encountered a group of BLM activists at a mall on Black Friday. When Kokesh tried to record the activists, they responded with hostility and even tried to start a physical confrontation with him. It seems to me that this organization is only interested in causing chaos, which leads to the government obtaining more power. Chris Cantwell who is by far the most anti-cop of any libertarian that I have ever heard of (except for maybe Jim Davidson), knows that this organization is to be avoided at all costs. So don't let your distrust or possible hatred of the police cloud your judgement. These people are not your friends. They could care less about your life or your liberty.

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