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Number 876, June 12, 2016

There is no such thing as a "fair" tax.
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Gun Rights—A Not So Modest Proposal
by Nic Leobold

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Our political "leaders" are always railing against all the "gun violence" in our society. But in America the only places with a lot of gun violence are Chicago, Detroit, New York and California, the exact only places where those same politicians have managed to make the Right to Keep and Bear Arms "illegal" (it's only illegal in their warped power-drunk minds. Any law which violates the Constitution is null and void).

Since Chicago, Detroit, New York City and California are drenched in the blood of gun control-fueled violence, I venture to say our great leaders' gun control has been a dismal failure. Violence in gun control areas is far worse than it was before the 1930s when there was no gun control. Funny how a free society has a way of being self- regulating. Smirk.

My proposal and ambition is simple: Re-legalize ALL guns, muskets, semi-automatic "assault rifles," fully-automatic rifles and sub- machine guns, and all varieties of pistols, in these four politician- failed cities. It couldn't get any worse than it already is, and we have the historical evidence that these cities were relatively peaceful when guns traded freely.

Allow all these weapons to be sold Anywhere, in delis, pharmacies, hardware stores, Amazon and eBay, Walmart and Costco, your local neighborhood convenience stores. Try this out for five years. Then judge the results. I am confident that the violent crime rate will go down significantly and we will be able to prove Universal Gun Rights are a success.

Hey, if Donald Trump, a supposedly misogynistic, xenophobic, Mexican- hating and Muslim-hating political hack outsider is allowed to have a full-carry permit, allowing Joe Sixpack to carry guns couldn't be that bad.

I know most mainstream state-licking respectable tax-slaving "citizens" as well as our "Great Leaders" will immediately dismiss my proposal as ludicrous and dangerous. But they're the loose cannons in this world when it comes to creating violence and mass murder.

The politicians denial of The Truth on Gun Rights is why freedom- and truth-loving Sovereign Individuals have to do everything in our power to weaken the government (and buy our Guns "illegally" on the "White Market") until this corrupt and mendacious state collapses under its own enormous and fat evil. Politicians can lie and steal, but even they cannot violate the natural Laws of economics, Justice and physics forever.

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