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Number 876, June 12, 2016

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No Right to be Armed?
by A.X. Perez

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The Ninth Circuit Court has ruled that there is no right for citizens to carry concealed firearms in public in a state that all but forbids the open carry of firearms. In effect there is no right to bear arms in California. There is a privilege of bearing arms if the local gendarmerie decide you have a great enough need. The Ninth Circuit Court has ruled that self defense is not a right guaranteed by the Second Amendment and therefor not necessarily a good enough reason to extend someone the privilege of legally carrying a concealed handgun.

The Court is right in one regard, the right to self-defense is not a 2nd Amendment Right, it is a Ninth Amendment Right, one of those rights not disparaged simply because it is not enumerated. Arguably it is one of the highest right we have, right after the right of existing. Arguably the state (and the State) is created to assist people in exercising this right, not to deny them the right to the necessary tools to exercise it. Arguably the majority of the so called justices of the 9th Court are morally deficient ignoramuses who do not understand the Bill of Rights and in fact don't want to.

Of course, my home State of Texas is not perfect. It is recognized that we have the legal right to carry long guns in public; to carry a pistol concealed in our vehicles; to carry a pistol concealed or openly with a relatively easy to obtain license (State must prove why you can't, In California and a few others you must prove why you can); or without a license for sporting purposes or other special circumstances.

It is incumbent on the freedom loving people of Texas to make sure the Legislature passes Constitutional Carry this Session. For that matter it is important that we push every pro weapon and other pro freedom guarantee possible. The reason for this is simple, it is quite likely that Hillary Clinton will be elected President and her hostility to the right of honest people to keep and bear arms is quite well known, and neither she or Donald Trump have impressed me with their regard for the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, or Ninth Amendments, for starters.

Returning strictly to the issue of gun control, it is a matter of life and death that the Democrats are blocked from election or re-election to Congress. At the very least, the Democrats cannot control more than 39 seats in the Senate, at best, the opponents of the Democrats must have enough votes to override any veto. In this way any assault weapon ban/buy back (offer you can't refuse: sell 'em to the state or die trying to hang on to them) or lesser nightmare gets blocked. In this way no anti-gun majority ready to overturn Heller gets appointed to the court. In this way pro=gun laws get passed.

Remember, to those who truly believe in gun control, "From my cold, dead fingers," sounds like an offer, not a phrase of defiance.

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