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Number 877, June 19, 2016

"Gun control is the idea that it's better to
see a woman dead in an alley, strangled with
her own pantyhose, than to see her with a gun
in her hand."—T.D. Melrose

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I'm Going To Blame the Victims
by Paul Bonneau
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Captain Mal Reynolds of "Firefly" fame once said, "Someone ever tries to kill you, you try to kill 'em right back."

It's a hard point to argue against, maybe an impossible one. Other than boogying, if that option is available, what other course of action is there?

The Orlando killer had 300 people cooped up for 3 hours, last I heard. Three hundred against one. What is wrong with those people? How can gays be taken seriously, when that sort of thing happens? I know it is somewhat collectivist, not to mention un-PC to say it; but still.

Of course if a given individual has a family depending on him, and a mass shooting starts, then the sensible thing is to remove oneself from the premises if possible. There are obligations to be taken care of, after all. But what percentage of gays fall into that category?

Some have been making hay with the performance of the cops, but think about it -- are they obligated to take a bullet for someone they never met or heard of before? Would you take a bullet for some cop you never met? I sure wouldn't.

The cops were acting perfectly rationally. What is not rational, is depending on cops for protection. The world does not work that way. There do not exist people who will risk their lives for a special snowflake such as yourself, for a modest salary. Some might for a million bucks, but we don't pay them that much, and we couldn't afford many if we did.

Don't expect of cops, what they ain't got in 'em. Police departments after all, are just another government jobs program, and an institution to keep the rulers on top. Cops draw a salary and get a nice fat pension for a low-risk job. That's all.

Some are making hay with the Florida prohibition on guns in bars. Again, who is the rational actor in this picture? Legislators legislate, after all. They can be counted on to crank out bills, not all of which will make any sense, humans being imperfect as they are (it's been alleged that legislators are human). They can also be counted on to act in their own self interest, like everybody else does. Well, it's in the interest of the ruling class to have disarmed peasants. Sorry to break the news to ya. I don't think the legislators were acting irrationally, to have that in the law books.

But the people in that bar? Just because the legislature comes up with a law, does that mean you have no option but to follow it? No, of course not; you have a choice. The very best laws are the laws that everybody flouts, and this surely is a candidate for flouting. If all 300 carried a gun, would the cops give them any trouble? Seems pretty doubtful! Some laws just cry out to be ignored. But nobody in that crowd ignored this one. How rational is that?

I mean, buggery used to be against the law. Did you guys follow that one?

Take the effort to understand the way the world works; and then act to deal with it as it is, not as you wish it were. In this case, go out and get a gun, learn to shoot it, and carry it. Then, someone tries to kill you, try to kill him right back.

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