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Number 877, June 19, 2016

"Gun control is the idea that it's better to
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Beware of Psychiatrists, Buddies of the Statists
by Nic Leobold

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Freedom-loving Sovereign American individuals have to beware of dangerous psychiatry and psychiatrists. These licensed medical virtual witch doctors practice unproven, speculative quack "medicine" with full state licenses and government sanction and in the process of their quack medicine victimize millions of individuals across the country and perhaps hundreds of millions worldwide.

Psychiatrists, as a function of their status as "medical doctors" have an institutional and professional incentive to prescribe many of the highly powerful and neuro-toxic psychiatric "medications" which are nothing more than biological poisons and physiological suppressants as a method of keeping their patients subdued, brainwashed and requiring coming back for more continued chronic "treatment".

All of these psychiatric medications have highly serious biological side-effects which can develop into permanent bodily harm and injury. What is even more pernicious is that independent studies have confirmed that all psychiatric medications are no more effective than a brisk walk in the park or a visit to a neighborhood swimming pool for some fresh air and exercise. Yet psychiatrists continue to thrust these dangerous medications on virtually all their patients due to personal professional greed and pressure from the Big Pharma industries.

Equally galling is not only the fact that this medical abuse and malpractice is sanctioned by the state but that psychiatry is often used by government officials and police to cover up serious crimes, and silence victims.

International travelers have been "hospitalized" in psychiatric wards by arbitrary police chiefs and judges in response to having had disputes with their hotels and other travel providers. Rather than offending local merchants and businesses, these victims of abusive hoteliers and travel providers have been summarily driven to remote "hospitals" on the outskirts of cities and kept locked up for weeks or months and heavily medicated with the dangerous drugs.

Patients have developed dangerous cases of digestive disorders, severe constipation complications and toxicity from the potent and poisonous combinations of medications, stimulants and opioids that are force- administered to them without their consent by aggressive and violent hospital nurses and orderlies.

Most egregiously, during their forced imprisonment in these torture "hospitals", patients are badgered for their personal insurance information and told that all the bills for their hospital "stay" are their own responsibility -- after being forcibly confined there by the police or judge's orders.

Sadly, incidents like these are par for the course for the "profession" of psychiatry for the past 150 years. Once the state co- opted internal medicine with state medical licensure, it wasn't long before the statists and corporatists co-opted and recruited psychiatry as an arm of the totalitarian state.

Conscientious Sovereign individuals should educate their friends, family and neighbors about what is going on. Certainly the vast majority of psychiatrists should be avoided, as 95%+ of all of them are highly dangerous, monetarily greedy, power-hungry and/or eager to hook their patients on their neuro-addictive medical poisons. These potent "medications" routinely provoke suicidal depression and/or homicidal mania in their victims leading to tragic suicides, violence, and other negative outcomes.

Instead of visiting psychiatrists, if you or a family member need assistance with personal problems you are better advised to seek the advice of a friendly local spiritual leader, secular counselor or other advisors with no professional and state conflicts of interest.

Also, when choosing even physicians and family doctors, it is a good idea to first inquire of them whether they are supportive of traditional Civil Rights including Rights of Self-Defense and Arms Ownership. If the physician in question answers negatively to your inquiries, by all means seek out a different provider.

It's a sad fact that today in America and in most of the world, freedom-loving individuals are faced with an all-out assault and literal war against their Personal Ownership, Bodily Integrity and Property Rights. The statists think they own everything about us, and unfortunately many well-meaning but ignorant medical doctors and professionals go along with these blatant infringements on our Self- Ownership out of misguided intentions or often rank greed and arrogance.

It is the Sovereign Individuals' responsibility to be aware of this state of affairs before seeking out medical treatment and during travels overseas and dealing with potentially hostile individuals and businesses. It is also our duty as Sovereign Agents to educate our neighbors and friends of the dangers of arrogant witch doctors in white coats waving fancy state-embossed pieces of paper in our faces.

Many tragedies have happened already and many have experienced lifetime horror stories. Let's spread the word about evil statist psychiatry so we and our families can be safe and we can do a public service by protecting our neighbors and people worldwide against the abuses of state-sanctioned psychiatry better known as witchcraft.

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