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Number 878, June 26, 2016

No king! No queen! No lord! No master!
We will not be fooled again!

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Apparently Ballot boxes were stuffed in Hillary Clinton's favor in the primaries to make sure she beat Bernie Sanders for the nomination. Combine this with the Superdelegates (Democratic Party bosses and apartchiki owing their genitalia and souls to the Party Establishment) bound to Ms. Clinton against the will of their Party members. We get a Democratic Party that does not represent its members. (Note: it is one thing to rig the general election as much as possible against the other party. It is another to do so in the primaries as a step in blowing off the will of you membership.).

Meanwhile the Republican leadership is trying to figure out how to get out of running Donald Trump for President even though their membership have clearly spoken to nominate him. I personally have no doubt this person would make a lousy President. He is not part of the GOP Aparat and I can understand the Republican establishment's lack of enthusiasm for him. However, the members of the Party have spoken. The Party needs to respect their will.

The establishment politicians of both parties have chosen to act in disregard of the will of their members. More importantly, Sanders and Trump have gotten as far as they have precisely because the Parties have stopped representing their members.

This desire for something new has been echoed across the Sea in Britain with the success of Brexit. Americans are not the only people fed up with an Establishment that is so comfortable in its power and wealth that it has all but completely forgotten any idea of serving the will of the people but instead has sought to manipulate us by dividing us against each other by race, gender identity, and social class.

There is danger that that authoritarian monsters will step in to exploit this discontent. There is also hope that new parties and leaders with a proper respect and even love for liberty.

The recent actions of members of the Democratic Party in the US Senate and House of Representatives have made one thing clear, the issue of the 2016 General Election in the United States of America is Gun Control (more properly Victim Disarmament No other issue really matters, not the Federal Debt, Taxes, reproductive rights, immigration, race relations, How to deal with terrorist activities by certain Muslim heretics, the looming war with China, dealing with the Russian thugocracy, et futanda cetera. The only issue is gun control. Either you believe that all people not being held in prison or a mental institution have the individual right to keep and bear arms or you don't. Either you believe that no one has the right to bear arms or you don't. There is a spectrum of belief in between, at least in the minds of many Americans (this is a mistaken belief, but it is a datum to be dealt with). However, this year there is no middle ground you believe people have the right to be armed or you don't.

The Democratic Party has committed itself to the belief that there is no individual right to keep and bear arms, that there is at most a privilege that may be extended to people who can prove adequate need (job as a body guard for a member of the Democratic National Committee, for example. Not only that, they have chosen to back a program which trashes all concept of due process to achieve this goal. Either you support gun control even at the expense of throwing out the Constitution or you have no business running for office as a Democrat. This has become the central plank of their platform.

Remember this on 8 November and vote accordingly.

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