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The Rhetoric Remains the Same
by Sean Gangol

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Recently there was a horrible shooting that occurred at a gay night club in Orlando where forty-nine people were killed and fifty-three wounded and it is now known as the worst mass shooting in the history of the United States. I remember first hearing about the atrocity when I woke up on Sunday for my daily ritual of listening to the news while eating my breakfast and drinking my cup of Joe. As soon as I heard that nearly fifty people had been killed, I knew that it wasn't your run of the mill shooting. It was quite obviously an act of terrorism. I also knew that there would be people who would try to milk this tragedy for whatever it was worth.

As usual we have the anti-gun side that never lets a good tragedy go to waste. We have people who repeat the same old tired line "why do you need an assault weapon?" or simply tell us right out that we don't need one. It just goes to tell you how paternalistic these people are if they think they are a better judge of what you need then you do. I also don't believe that gun owners have a burden of proving the need to exercise their Second Amendment rights. I can't remember who said it first, but somebody once said that there is a reason why we call the first ten amendments to the Constitution the Bill of Rights and not the Bill of Needs. Then we have people who say "You have to be crazy to allow somebody on a No Fly List to obtain firearms" It's funny how I remember years ago democrats were complaining about how easy it was for somebody to end up on that list when their favorite senator, Ted Kennedy somehow ended up on it. Yet these same hypocrites want to treat our Second Amendment rights in the exact same fashion that our freedom of movement is treated by the government.

Guns weren't the only scapegoats in this case. We also had Social Justice Warriors that placed the blame on "Toxic Masculinity." No I'm not kidding. SJW's actually believe that masculinity is toxic. Then there is some who blame the homophobia of their fellow Americans despite the fact that we now live in a society that allows gay people to legally marry each other, but Islamic societies routinely throw these same people off of buildings or publically stone them to death. I guess it's easy to blame non-existent problems on Western civilization then it is to acknowledge the problems that actually do exist such as Radical Islam.

Of course the lunatics on the left aren't the only ones demanding that we give up more of our freedoms for what the late George Carlin once called the "Illusion of Safety." The Neo-Conservatives are also demanding that the government be given more power to spy on its citizens. Yet, the shooter had been investigated on several occasions by the FBI. Hell, they even had prior warnings by the owner of a gun shop where the shooter unsuccessfully tried to purchase a bulletproof vest and a bulk of ammunition. As usual the FBI did nothing. It was basically a repeat of the same pattern that goes all the way back to 1995 where they were warned about a destructive little fellow named Timothy McVeigh by a militia group that become concerned after hearing his crazy rants at an open meeting. What ever happened to that? Oh, yeah, right. This pattern of having prior warnings about certain terror suspects and doing nothing about them would continue from 9-11 to the Boston Bombings to the current attacks in Orlando. If the government can't even act on warnings given to them ahead of time, I don't see how giving them more power to spy on us is going to make them any more competent.

Though the one who had the most interesting take on this tragedy was gay conservative, Milo Yiannopoulos. He said that this tragedy may be the very thing that encourages the gay community to finally reject the social justice element that makes them wallow in victimhood. In a way Yiannopoulos has been proven right. We have now seen an increase of gay people arming themselves in record numbers. Some of the guns they are buying are the dreaded AR-15's. I am glad to see that gay people are taking responsibly for their own defense. I am also glad to see that many gay people are coming to realize that the left doesn't actually have their best interests in mind. I think the gay community should have come to this realization years ago. The reason why they were even targeted in Orlando, aside from the fact that the shooter couldn't deal with his own homosexual tendencies, was because of the perception that many people have about gays being weak and defenseless. By taking up arms for their defense, they are showing people that they are not weak and will not be defenseless in the face of their enemies. They are finally coming to the same realization as many Americans did in the 1990's. You can't rely on the government for your protection. The only person you can rely on in the end is yourself. If any good came out of this tragedy this is definitely it.

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