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Number 880, July 10, 2016

[Cultural] ignorance is the intended
consequence of our educational system,
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The Mother of Order
by Paul Bonneau
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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

After the recent cop shooting in Dallas, it has been interesting to watch the response on various forums. It's a bit schizophrenic, with some ranting about damned murderous negroes (apparently forgetting the whole thing was kicked off by the murder of negroes). Others are cheering, more or less, the cops finally getting their comeuppance.

Of course in any such event, collectivism always comes to the fore. It's like Pavlov ringing his bell. Killing cops in Texas over murder by cop in Louisiana and Minnesota certainly is collectivism, as is blaming all dark brown people for the murder of those Dallas cops, or ranting against Black Lives Matter.

Another outcome is the usual worry about turning our society into a slum. One of the more lucid in this genre is found here.

It's strange that the first thing that comes to mind when some minions get murdered, is fences. Keep us away from them, keep them away from us—"them" being defined by melanin content!

Most people want to raise their families and not have to worry about them being kidnapped or killed gratuitously; but few seem to see the most reliable way to get that condition.

Proudhon noted that liberty is "not the daughter but the mother of order." What would this world look like if we had liberty? Would there be order?

Well, for one thing we wouldn't have cops killing people and getting away with it, thus massively reducing grievances of dark brown people—because there would be no cops. Nor would there be any cops around to shoot in revenge even if there were still some grievances. Cops would not be pulling people over for burned-out tail lights, and shooting the drivers, either.

There would be nobody to disrupt the workings of the market (in drugs, in the inner city), and no need for turf battles between gangs and the like. Heroin and coke would be found in grocery stores, just like in the old days. Without these battles, life in these places would be much more peaceful.

There would be no welfare. This would mean, no more destruction of dark brown families, no more women cranking out fatherless kids to get some government loot, many fewer unwanted and unloved children.

There would be self defense, without worry about retaliation by a state institution jealously guarding its protection racket. If someone came after you, you'd just shoot him, thus helping clean up the gene pool. "Wilding" and other such nonsense would not be tolerated.

The economy would be in vastly better shape. If anything produces order, it is that. More people invested in the culture, in trade? What could be better?

No, despite these dark scribblings by racists, we don't have to choose between fences, and living in a global slum. We'd be much better off by choosing liberty.

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