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Number 882, July 24, 2016

The governments and elites profit
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Past Time to Be Human
by Cathy L. Z. Smith

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

It is conservatism, in the generic sense, that will destroy the promise of America, and the republicans and the democrats—and their followers—are the poster children for that conservatism.

I am an anarchist. I am an anarchist because that is the true and truthful philosophy of the founding of this country—though those founders, too, had their conservative bias—manifest in an unwillingness to call things by their real names, define them appropriately, and provide for their (and our) future security. They may, perhaps and in some instances, be forgiven—having hailed from a more literate time—but they might have drawn more thoroughly on the lessons of history. They might have seen that the leviathan they were unleashing would stop at nothing to return to the absolute rule they had fought to escape.

So, what does that anarchist word mean? Do you know? Can you break it down for yourself?

an = without
     arch = ruler
          ist = one who holds such a belief.

The "archy" (the ruling body) of this country has brought us to the state of poverty, hatred, fear, and general unrest we currently "enjoy", and it has accelerated that state … with each passing election … to the disgusting and destructive state in which we currently find ourselves.

There are few among us willing to acknowledge that is the "archists" who are the problem—even as the voting masses wretch over the choice they've been "given" between a man and a woman (one a "free-market" advocate whose fortune rests on the power of the state to seize assets from their rightful owners and deliver them into his "superior" business acumen, the other who has bought her way into untouchable (in the American sense) status through activities that would make seasoned crime families blush with shame).

These are not nice people. These are not decent people. These people are not, in any way, representative of the rest of us. These people own, and are, in turn owned by, people who have no interests in common with us. We are their chattel. We make things work so that they can achieve their "too big to fail" status.

Still … there are few among us who actually believe they are, or can be, "good" without the omnipresent bully with a club to make them behave.

Still … there are few among us who believe they are capable of merely existing (much less thriving) without some authority to tell them what to do and how to do it.

And so the idea that any one of you might be able to make it through a day, or a week, or a month, without Hillary Trump or Donald Clinton to light the way and keep you safe is unthinkable. Really? Do you really need someone to tell you how to be a decent human being? And if you do, on what grounds do you believe them?

Don't be a tool. Don't be mean. Don't be stupid. Don't be polarized. Don't hate because someone tells you that you should. Don't let someone else choose for you. Don't surrender your safety. Don't let someone else define your enemy. Don't give up your self. Don't be led.

Think about your life. Think about what you value. Think about what you love. Think about your choices. Think.

Be daring. Be innovative. Be radical. Be kind. Be human.

Embrace your life. Embrace your destiny. Embrace your future. Embrace your safety. Embrace your humanity.

And let others embrace their own.

We don't all agree. We don't all have to agree. We need only respect one another and behave as humans behave.

And we don't need a Clinton or a Trump to tell us how to be human, because how the fuck would they know?

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