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Number 887, August 28, 2016

Far from being “the Land of the Free and Home
of the Brave,” most of America is actually the
Land of the Serfs and the Home of the Meek.

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A Country Full of Traitors
by Nic Leobold

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

The corrupt, failing, pathetic nation called “united States of America”, with a fake “Constitution” that both fails to prevent duplicitous reading and interpretation and also is completely ignored as a matter of routine by the nation's injustice system, most government officers and major institutions, and national policies that glorify murdering and defrauding most of its citizens not to mention many foreign nationals, today has less claim to being “the Exceptional Nation” its neocon pundits and think tanks boast of than ever before.

Most big business is nothing but vast criminal enterprise acting purely for profit at the expense of everything and everyone else. Big banking, finance, investment, pension and brokerages are primarily in the enterprise of fleecing their retail customers, the people who trust their futures to these blood-seeking sharks. Government subsidized and protected unions both private and public sector participate in overcharging consumers and taxpayers by constantly seeking oversized salaries and benefits while their counterparts in the private sector are often treated nothing less than slave labor required to sacrifice their health and happiness to the highest bidder in a rigged market.

Meanwhile, the lawyer and media class feast upon the wreckage, always seeking the most profitable compromise or angle which continue to fool the inexperienced. The lies of establishment journalists and lawyers and judges are unparalleled, condemning millions to lifetimes of physical or mental incarceration and lost human potential.

Does it have to be this way? No. People have to put their foot down and fight back in clever but tough ways. The problem is, people are not fighting back. Just as our leaders and establishment and intelligentsia are mostly traitors, most of the people of America are cowardly dupes who are just shrugging and giving up in the face of blatant injustice.

We need national mass movements of tax resistance, student loan debt strategic default, mass civil disobedience against petty government revenue regimes, and other mass resistance. A very small minority of Americans are using these tactics, however the potential power that the average American as individuals and a class of consumers has is vast and breathtaking. If a significant percentage of the middle classes, working classes and poor decided to use their economic and individual leverage to resist what is going on, the American people could halt the onslaught of government and corporatism in its tracks and bring the neocons and neofeudalists literally to their knees.

So what is stopping average people from rebelling against these outrages? It's true that most people don't comprehend their own power, and they're almost never told to. Far from being “the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave,” most of America is actually the Land of the Serfs and the Home of the Meek. So we have to tell people.

We need to spread the word high and low to expand The Resistance. Cooperating with traitors and collaborators is itself Treason and on top of that cooperating is bad for the health and spirit.

How many we can get to walk with us and storm the mental barricades is an open question. But every movement begins with Individuals. What are you doing? When a bank or business screws you, do you stand up to them and take revenge and/or haul them into court? That's what we need to do. No more Mr. Nice Guy. It's time to screw assholes back and nail them to posts.

So if your bank or student loan servicer is exploiting, lying or treating you unfairly, it's time to walk away from those alleged debts. The more obnoxious and criminal certain businesses and institutions become, the more appropriate open acts of revenge become. It's always appropriate and responsible for all people to arm themselves properly in order to defend their persons from any and all aggressors. Keeping stockpile caches of extra food, water, precious metals and cash outside the banking systems and distribution chains is never a bad idea. Networking with friends and family who are open to the truth, and educating tolerant neighbors and colleagues is something we can all do more effectively.

Will a nation of brainwashed, uneducated sheeple rise up and become an awakened giant? Time will tell. But the Remnant never will completely surrender. Any act of defiance and resistance to Evil is important and priceless. All of the libertarians, voluntaryists, agorists and Free Market Anarchists must lead by example and begin the Evolution.

Evil cannot prevail in the long term. It's physically, scientifically, and spiritually impossible. Victory is already assured by Natural Universal Law, Truth, Prophesy, and The Higher Power. Evil can only succeed in eventually extinguishing itself. We as philosophical trailblazers can either Lead or Follow, but Truth will prevail. You can either contribute and lead, follow us, or get out of our way.

Victory is Always ours for the taking, we just have to reach out and grab it. Why not Now?

We're going to win.

All the best,

Good luck and Godspeed.

Nic Leobold is a Bizman/Artist/Athlete/Consultant & Free Market Anarchist-Voluntaryist based in Asia, Europe & America and enjoys eclectic interests from great films & casino gaming to ballroom dancing, ballet, target shooting, classical music, shopping, gourmet cooking and fitness. A filmmaker & artist with a background in pro athletics, he is continually looking to learn more & share of his passions for economics, living free, living smart, "beating the system", promoting Liberty, and the spiritual & philosophical components of a good life & contentment.

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