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Number 887, August 28, 2016

Far from being “the Land of the Free and Home
of the Brave,” most of America is actually the
Land of the Serfs and the Home of the Meek.

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Not a Rant
by A.X. Perez

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Opponents of Campus Concealed Carry at UT Austin protested last week by carrying dildos. Strangely, this was a violation of Texas’s obscenity laws, but proponents of C Cubed supported their right to do so as an exercise of free speech and an “If you want to show off your toys, more power to you.” Proponents of C Cubed also reminded their opponents that if they had to use their dildos as defensive weapons they risked being in violation of the Texas law against carrying clubs as weapons in public. To repeat an earlier point, the supporters of C Cubed expressed their support for the First Amendment right of their opponents protesting others exercising their Second Amendment right.

The law in question allows holders of valid handgun carry licenses to carry concealed handguns on campus and in most classrooms and other areas. Yup, if you are over 21, pass the (admittedly super easy) HCL test, get a license and therefor join a group that statistically has a lower violent crime rate than the rest of the population you may carry a concealed handgun in most but not all of the UT Austin campus (or the campus of any public college or university). About two percent, maybe three percent, both qualify and have bothered to get a license, and a group that self selects for lawful behavior are legally carrying handguns.

Yes, I know some would claim they are good little subjects of the state who are throwing away their freedom out of an exaggerated respect for law and order. Tends to prove that they are not the threat to law, order, and professorial ranting some claim.

Mexico’s Foreign Secretary has complained about the US not banning certain firearms that Mexican residents are not allowed to own. I remember the story of a repeat crosser illegal alien who was asked why he kept coming into the US just to get deported over and over again. He answered that he wanted freedom. When asked why he didn’t make himself free in Mexico “SeƱor, they (his oppressors) have all the guns.” Nothing has changed, except the gringo version of the same class are seeking to gain control of the US and calling themselves Democrats (Except William Weld, who mendaciously calls himself a Libertarian.).

The degree of Anglicization of my Spanish last name students is rather amazing. Third and fourth generation Latinos, heck, an amazing number who just crossed over are more “American” in their attitudes than ninety percent of the talking heads in the media. I get the impression that, the Donald’s rantings otherwise, this is true of most immigrants. legal and otherwise. I am taking a little bit of time to ask my fellow lovers of liberty to help this seed of love for freedom grow, not subscribe to the faux liberal/progressive notion that they can’t so we need to junk Americanism, or the faux conservative notion that even if they can Americanize they don’t have permission.

Or don’t complain when “they” take your guns, dildos, computers, and privacy and even your children and grandchildren think it’s right.

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