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Number 887, August 28, 2016

Far from being “the Land of the Free and Home
of the Brave,” most of America is actually the
Land of the Serfs and the Home of the Meek.

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The AltRight: Paul Gottfried Interviewed
by Sean Gabb

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Now that Mrs Clinton has mentioned it, the Alternative Right is much in the news. Here is an interview I conducted in Bodrum with Paul Gottfried, generally accepted as the Founding Father of the Alternative Right. The interview dates from 2007, a year before, he made his AltRight speech to the Mencken Conference in Washington. The interview covers what Paul thinks is wrong with the American conservative movement, and what he would do to make it better.

I have a higher quality copy of the interview somewhere, but this will do for the moment.

You can comment on the interview here.

“The ’Alt-Right’ is an amalgamation of all ’alternative’ right wing views that are today considered heterodoxy. This means that the views of one person who considers himself to be part of the ’Alt-Right’ are different to another. These can range from disillusioned libertarians who have adopted cultural conservatism (more specifically — Hoppesian views); to traditionalists; to ethno-nationalists; to European nationalists; to fascists; to ’neo-nazi’ types who gleamingly partake in ’Alt-Right’ discourse, to edgy teenagers/young adults who want to ’troll’ liberal left types by gratuitous displays of right-wing rhetoric.” — Jakub Jankowski

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